Research Area Sustainability & CSR

Fashion Management

The textile and clothing industry is one of the most important consumer goods industries in the world and thus represents an important economic factor. Due to the global fragmentation of value chains and increasingly shorter product life cycles, companies in the textile and apparel industry face the challenge of maintaining their competitive advantage in this highly dynamic business environment.

The General and Textile Industry Research Institute (FATM) at the University of Münster is a scientific institute whose research work is dedicated to the important future topics of the textile and clothing industry. In this research field, we investigate a wide range of issues in the areas of marketing and brand management, internationalization, strategic planning, network management, supply chain management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability certification, NGOs, fast fashion, as well as sales management (e-commerce, multi-channel) and consumer behavior.

Selected Publications:

Holtgrave, M., Zamantili, N. D., Nienaber, A.-M. & Schewe, G. (2017): Knowledge Comes but Wisdom Lingers! Learning Orientation as the Decisive Factor for Translating Social Capital into Organizational Innovativeness and Performance in Turkey, in: European Journal of International Management, 2017.
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Holtgrave, M., Nienaber, A.-M., Ferreira, C. (2016): Untangling the trust-control nexus in international buyer-supplier exchange relationships: An investigation of the changing world regarding relationship length, in: European Management Journal, 35(4), 523-537.

Tewes, C. (2016): Antezedenzien und Konsequenzen von NGO-Kampagnen – Eine empirische Analyse der Beziehung zwischen NGOs und Unternehmen der Bekleidungsindustrie, online abrufbar:, Münster.

Neugebauer, C. & Schewe, G. (2015). Mode im Zeitalter der Globalisierung — Die Entwicklung der deutschen Textilwirtschaft. Textil — Wissenschaft, Forschung, Bildung86(2), 1–10. 
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Neugebauer, C. & Schewe, G. (2014): NGO-Kampagnen und ihre Reaktionen – Eine Studie zur CSR-Problematik in der Textilindustrie. Arbeitspapier 43 der Forschungsstelle für allgemeine und textile Marktwirtschaft.
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Schewe, G./Buschmann, A./Neugebauer, C./Grüne, C. (2014): Perzeption und Auswirkungen von CSR-Kampagnen in der Textilwirtschaft. Arbeitspapier 42 der Forschungsstelle für allgemeine und textile Marktwirtschaft.
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Neugebauer, C., Buschmann, A., & Schewe, G. (2014). Convince or Accuse — The Influence of international acting NGOs on local CSR News Coverage. In Proceedings of the 5th Latin American and European Meeting on Organization Studies (LAEMOS), Havana, Cuba; 02.-05. April 2014.
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Tourism Management

The tourism sector is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors internationally. In the national context, the tourism sector is also a prospering industry with a share of around 10% of GDP. The number of overnight stays in the German accommodation industry is rising annually and amounted to 460 million overnight stays in 2017.

The tourism sector offers an exciting field of research due to its large number of players and its dynamic environment. A central role is played by the changes in the tourism sector through digitisation and sustainability.

With regard to digitisation, we are dealing with Online Travel Agencies, which bring as new business models significant changes for suppliers and consumers. In the field of sustainability, we deal with the development and measurement of the degree of dissemination of sustainability management in practice. Of interest at a higher level is the investigation of drivers and barriers of sustainability management. Furthermore, we investigate the influence of sustainability management on the perception of consumers and on the performance of companies.