Research Area Entrepreneurship

Start-ups have been on everyone's lips for years and founding them is en vogue! Although there is no universal definition of entrepreneurship, the current interpretation is based on that of J. Schumpeter: An entrepreneur is not the simple administrator of a company, but he rather destroys existing structures and creates space for new developments. He picks up new ideas and establishes them within the framework of innovation processes. The subject area Entrepreneurship deals mainly with the founders as well as all stakeholders who are involved in starting a business. Focus is to understand and arrange network- and cooperation relationships, the scaling of innovation processes and Start-up growth.

Since the economic approach nowadays usually goes hand in hand with the ecological and/or social approach, the subject area also includes social entrepreneurship. Here it is about the development of novel and entrepreneurial solutions for social grievances. The process of developing, implementing and disseminating new social practices is called social innovation.

Selected Publications:

Gehlen, K. v. (2016). Coopetitive Relationships in Social Entrepreneurship Organisations. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on CSR, Sustainability, Ethics — Governance “Sustainable Management as a New Business Paradigm" (Global Corporate Governance Institute), Cologne.
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