Research Area Customer Co-creation

In the area of Customer Co-creation we analyze the inclusion of customers and consumers into an organization’s development processes. We focus on marketing, communication, and innovation processes as well as the significance of digital media and technologies. There are various possibilities for an organization to actively include customers and consumers into value-creating processes: the options range from mass customization, crowdsourcing and new product or prototype development to word-of-mouth marketing. Research on value co-creation can either take an organizational and or a customer point of view. Among other aspects, research in this area analyzes the implications of social interactions between an organization and its customers (e.g. through social media or brand communities), the effects of user generated content, the design of cooperative campaigns, as well as incentives and motivating factors.


Selected Publications:

Buschmann, A./Lendowski, E./Schewe, G. (2016): Consumer-driven Innovation: Integrating Consumers’ Innovation Potential via Product Tests, G-Forum 2016.
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