Research Area Compliance Management

The Risk and Compliance Research Center (RCRC) is an interdisciplinary research unit, founded by the faculties of business and law. Main research topics include regulatory as well as organizational and process questions. The RCRC unites researchers and practitioners in order to develop integrated solutions. By combining legal as well as business management competencies, it adopts an integrated approach

Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a process to identify, assess and manage possible events that may affect a company. In addition, ERM calls for a systematic and sustainable approach within the company. While ERM has its roots within the financial industry, it is now adapted and implemented within a variety of sectors.

Research projects were carried out in different areas for companies outside the financial industry: (1) Regarding risk culture, we analyze how the process of risk management can be implemented and applied properly throughout the whole organization. (2) Since most small- and medium-sized companies are not forced to use the methodology of ERM, the analysis of efficiency and adaptability of ERM instruments is necessary.

Compliance Management

Compliance refers to the conformance to laws, regulations, rules and internal policies by a company. Employees’ failure to follow compliance requirements is a key concern for organizations today. In addition to damaging a company’s reputation, compliance violations can also severely affect the performance due to decreasing share values, high fines and lower customer retention rates. However, in the face of recurring compliance violations, it is questionable whether formal compliance measures such as compliance programs actually lead to the desired behavior among employees. Current research projects are therefore dedicated to the investigation of employees’ compliance behavior, the analysis of context factors (such as culture, management style) or the evaluation of the effectiveness of formal compliance measures.

Selected Publications:

Neyer, B., Borgstedt, P., & Schewe, G. (2016). Risk Culture in Technology Management. In Proceedings of the 25. International Conference for Management of Technology (IAMOT), FLORIDA, USA. 
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Neyer, B., & Hofeditz, M. (2014). Risikomanagement im herstellenden Mittelstand — Verschwendungen durch Über- oder Untersteuerung von Risiken erkennen. Zeitschrift Führung — Organisation83(4), 227–232. 
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Hofeditz, M., Nienaber, A.-M., & Dysiak, A. S. G. (2015). Want to versus have to: intrinsic and extrinsic motivators as predirectors of compliance behavior intention. Human Resource Management, 2015. (Accepted)
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Schewe, G., Neyer, B., & Maier, M. (2014). Compliance in deutschen Konzernen: Eine Analyse der Aufbauorganisation. In Forschungsberichte des Risk & Compliance Research Center an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster.
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