As part of the Research Center for Business Transformation, we conduct cutting-edge research in broad areas ranging from business administration to policy using new technologies (e.g. AR/VR; affective computing; bots). Our work has been published in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Marketing. In our academic pursuits, we strive to combine theoretically sound principles with practical insights. In doing so, we collaborate with industry leaders as well as with our network of top international researchers. We think multi-methodologically, using empirical methods from marketing, psychology, finance and organizational research and applying them to new areas. 

As evidence of our ambition, we are recognized among the top 15 most productive researchers worldwide by the MKT Big 15 ranking  in publishing within the top 5 marketing journals as well as within the marketing FT 50 journals since 2018.


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How to use individual & team incentives effectively

We're excited to share the findings of our latest research, published in the Journal of Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS). Did you know that the dynamics of advice seeking and advice giving within sales teams are greatly influenced by the type of incentives provided? Our study reveals that individual incentives encourage advice seeking but deter advice giving. Conversely, team incentives stimulate advice giving but reduce advice seeking.

Check out the video summary here

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Recap of Hannover Messe 2023

Exploring the Digital Transformation

The University of Münster's Chair for Digital Transformation recently attended the Hannover Messe 2023, where the team immersed in lively discussions and hands-on experiences related to digital transformation, the Metaverse, and extended reality (XR) technologies. The event was a great opportunity for the team to explore cutting-edge technologies and connect with professionals from both industry and academia.

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The Future of Business Research: Collaborating and Transforming through XR Technologies

Image showing the workshop in XR ChanCe office

We're excited to share news of an engaging virtual workshop recently organized by the University of Münster's Center for Business Transformation (ChanCe). On March 30th, 2023, the Chair for Digital Transformation and the Chair for Transformation of Work, along with other faculty members of the University of Münster’s School of Business and Economics, collaborated to explore the innovative collaboration possibilities of the Metaverse.

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