Welcome to the website of the Chair of Digital Transformation

Welcome to the Chair of Digital Transformation, a founding member of the Research Center for Business Transformation and associated with the Marketing Center Münster. Led by Professor Sebastian Hohenberg, we're a dynamic team committed to pushing the boundaries of academic research, teaching, and business collaboration.


Our research explores how digital technologies, such as extended reality and artificial intelligence, transform businesses and society. We use a variety of empirical methods, drawing insights from multiple disciplines, and take pride in publishing in globally leading journals.

Education is a cornerstone of our mission. Our courses dive into the heart of the digital transformation in business administration, equipping students with the skills to drive change in an ever-changing digitally dominated world.

We also actively engage with industry partners, fostering a vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas. This synergy benefits both our academic pursuits and the business community.


We invite you to explore, learn, and collaborate with us in these exciting times of radical change!