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Examinations programme

Summer semester 2022

Dear students,

In the following overviews you will find the examination programme for the summer semester 2022:

Bachelor's programme:

Master's programme:

The dates for the examinations will be published as soon as the necessary room planning has been completed. Due to the currently unpredictable situation for the summer semester and the associated regulations, room planning is more difficult. For example, it is not foreseeable how many people may be in a room at the same time.

If necessary, all examinations can also be offered in online formats.


Examinations in the regular examination phase


Dear students,

Due to the current infection situation, the department has decided to offer the examinations online.

The responsible chairs will inform your students about the details of the respective examination procedure.

You will find the examination dates and formats in the following overviews:

Exams Bachelor's programme

Exams Master's programme


Technical problems FlexNow

Log In not possible (update 13.01.2022)

Dear students,

Due to technical problems, FlexNow will probably only be accessible again from 13.01.2022.

Please note that FlexNow will then only be accessible from the university network until the end of the winter semester 21/22. Please use an appropriate VPN client. You can find instructions on how to use it on the WWU IT page (link to page).


We will be happy to prepare transcripts of records for you and send them to you by e-mail (please indicate the desired language for the transcripts of records). You are welcome to submit forms for registration and deregistration by e-mail (pam@wiwi.uni-muenster.de). The usual requirements apply.

Deregistration from examinations:

Registration for theses:

Please submit the completed and signed form by e-mail.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.




Notes on the corona regulations

Winter semester 21/22

Dear students

Here you will find the current regulations for the winter semester 21/22. The most important points are:

    Free attempts for all examinations in winter semester 21/22 (except for final papers and attempts to cheat).
    Regulations for dealing with quarantine ordered by the authorities
    No further extension of the standard period of study.


Detailed information can be found here.


Exam registration

Regular examinations

Dear students,

from 18.10.2021 up to and including 14.12.2021 you can register for examinations offered during the regular examination period. The respective registration period is indicated in PAMBOT. Subsequent registration after 14.12.2021 is excluded in principle.

The registration period for the regular examinations ends on

Subsequent registration is excluded in principle.

Please do not wait until the last minute to register.

If you have technical problems with your registration, please contact pam_support@wiwi.uni-muenster.de ( FlexNow ) or pam.wiporecht@wiwi.uni-muenster.de ( QISPOS ) immediately. (during the registration phase)

Please note that you are obliged to check your registration immediately. To do this, check your

  • your student data in FlexNow or QISPOS and
  • the automatic confirmation e-mail (FlexNow only).

If the registrations are not displayed to you, please contact us immediately by e-mail.

If you cannot or do not want to register for the exams online, please use an appropriate registration form from the download area and send it to us signed by yourself as a scan, by e-mail from your WWU e-mail address.

There is no separate day for registration after the end of the registration period.

Do not use the registration functionality of the WiWi app* under any circumstances. If you do use it, you bear the risk of missing the exam registration and consequently not being admitted to the exam.


Deregistration from exams is possible until the start of the respective exam. If it is not technically possible to deregister in FlexNow or QISPOS, please use the corresponding form in the download area and send it to us as described.

Examinations of other departments

Please note that there may be different regulations for examinations in other departments.

Forgotten your password for FlexNow or misplaced your TAN list?

You can find a description of how to retrieve your password or create a new TAN list here under Access Data and TAN.


* Due to the server change of FlexNow the interface to the WiWi App can be faulty.

17.11.2021 (update)


Registration and deregistration periods

Winter semester 21/22

Registration periods for the examinations:

  • early examinations and seminars: 04.10.2021 - 19.10.2021
  • regular examinations: 18.10.2021 - 14.12.2021

Deregistration periods:

  • Seminars can only be deregistered online or by form during the early registration period: 04.10.2021 - 19.10.2021.
  • All other examinations can be deregistered online or by form up to the day before the examination date.

The deadlines are binding!

Different deadlines are possible for the degree programmes Economics & Law, Politics & Economics, Politics & Law, Economics and Economics/Politics. See for this under Deadlines and Dates.



Log-In FlexNow

Log-In availible

Dear students,

You can register on our homepage under the following link. After the registration you will find a block with your FlexNow data on the top right hand side. There you can display your log-in password. In addition, you can display a list of the transaction numbers (TAN) still available.

To log in you need your WWU ID and the corresponding password.


If you want to generate a new list, you will find instructions here in the sub-item Transaction Number.

If you have problems with your TAN, please contact us at pam@wiwi.uni-muenster.de.

If you have lost your TAN list, you can also request your password and TAN here.


Relocation of the Examination Office

Closed from 07.09. - 11.09.

Dear students,

the examination office will remain closed from 07.09. to 11.09.2020 due to the move to Corrensstraße 1.

During this time we will only be reachable by e-mail to a limited extent. There may be delays in answering e-mails and processing applications.

There will be no telephone consultation hours.


From 14.09.2020 our new address will be:

Prüfungsamt der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät
Corrensstraße 1
48149 Münster