Room allocations

early examinations

Dear students,

The examinations will take place in the following rooms:



If an examination takes place in several rooms, the students are assigned alphabetically by surname (example - H1: A - S; F1: T - Z ).

Note: "Altfakultät" includes the Business Administration and Economics degree programs; "CIW" includes the interdisciplinary degree programs.

You can find a map of the WWU here: Campus map.

You can find an overview of the examination rooms with addresses here: Examination rooms.


Railroad strikes and examinations

No valid reason for withdrawal

Dear students,

the upcoming railroad strike could have an impact on exam participation on December 8th and 9th. In particular, announced rail strikes and the problems associated with the strike to appear for the exam is not a valid reason for withdrawal.

Please ensure that you arrive on time for the exam despite the strike. It is advisable to make arrangements as soon as possible, e.g. travel the day before the exam and stay overnight in Münster or organize the use of alternative forms of transport.


Examination offer

Winter semester 2023/2024

Examination periods:

early exams: 18.12.2023 - 22.12.2023 (Fridays and Saturdays before: 01./02.12.2023, 08./09.12.2023, 15./16.12.2023)

regular Exams: 05.02.2024 – 23.02.2024 (Saturday before: 03.02.2024)

Registration periods:

Exams to be registered early (incl. seminars): 09.10.2023 – 24.10.2023

Examinations to be registered regularly: 23.10.2023 – 19.12.2023

Deregistration periods:

  • Seminars: 09.10.2023 – 24.10.2023.2023
  • Examinations of the Bachelor and Master programs in Business Administration, Economics, Information Systems and minor subjects: day before the examination at 11:59 p.m.
    • Deviating deregistration deadlines will be announced in due time
  • interdisciplinary courses of study
    •         early examinations: up to and including 01.12.2023
    •         regular examinations: up to and including 09.01.2024

The dates for the examinations will be published as soon as the necessary room allocation has been completed.


FlexNow only accessible from the university network

VPN client necessary from 01.03.2023

Dear students,

as universities are increasingly affected by cyber attacks, see among others University of Duisburg-Essen, the University of Münster has decided to further secure its IT systems.

Therefore, FlexNow will only be accessible from the university network from 01.03.2023. If you are not directly in the university network, e.g. through computers in the university PC pools, you must use a VPN client to access FlexNow.

To do this, please set up Cisco AnyConnect.

Instructions for setting up

Please note that in addition to the network access password, a one-time password (OTP) is required to use VPN access.

Installation and application instructions

For technical questions and help with setting up Cisco AnyConnect, please contact the