Room allocations

Early examinations

Dear students,

the examinations of the early examination period will take place in the following rooms:



If an examination takes place in several rooms, students are assigned alphabetically by surname (example - H1: A - S; F1: T - Z ).

You can find a map of the WWU here: Campus map


Changed office hours

23.05. - 27.05.

Dear students,

Due to staff shortages, we are only offering the following office hours in the week from 23.05. to 27.05:

Personal consultation hours:

  • Tuesday: 10:00 - 12:00
  • Wednesday: 10:00 - 12:00 hrs


Telephone consultation hours:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 14:00 - 15:00


There may be a slight delay in replying to e-mails.

Thank you for your understanding



Extension of deregistration deadline

Early examinations

Dear students,

The deregistration deadline for the early examinations of FB 04 has been extended. Deregistration is now possible until the day before the exam. If it is technically not possible to deregister, please complete and sign the deregistration form and submit it in good time.


By e-mail:

Please only use your WWU e-mail address.

This regulation does not apply to seminars!


FlexNow access with WWU ID

Dear students,

to register in FlexNow please use your

  • WWU ID and
  • the corresponding password.

The exam registration and deregistration now works without entering a TAN.

You can access FlexNow via: https://pam-portal.uni-muenster.de/

If you have forgotten your WWU password, please contact the WWU IT.


Registration for examinations (early)

Early exams and seminars

Dear students,

the early exam registration starts on 04.04.2022 and ends on 19.04.2022.

Registration for the following examination is possible and necessary during the current period:

Please use FlexNow for registration if you are studying BWL, VWL or WI in the Bachelor or and Master.

Please use QISPOS for registration if you study Economics & Law, Politics & Economics, Politics & Law, Ökonomik and Economics/Politics.


Subsequent registration is excluded in principle.

Please do not wait until the last minute to register.


If you have technical problems with your registration, please contact pam_support@wiwi.uni-muenster.de ( FlexNow ) or pam.wiporecht@wiwi.uni-muenster.de ( QISPOS ) immediately (during the registration period).

Please note that you are obliged to check your registration immediately. To do so, check your

If the registrations are not displayed to you, please contact us immediately by e-mail.

If you cannot or do not want to register for the exams online, please use the corresponding registration form from the download area and send it to us signed by yourself as a scan by e-mail from your WWU e-mail address.

There is no separate day to register after the registration deadline.

Do not use the registration functionality of the WiWi app under any circumstances. Should you nevertheless use it, you bear the risk of a missed exam registration and the resulting non-admission to the exam.


Deregistration from exams is possible until 20.05.2022 (different date for seminars: 19.04.2022). If it is technically not possible to deregister in FlexNow or QISPOS, please use the corresponding form in the download area and send it to us as described.

Please note:

  • Deregistration from seminars is only possible until 19.04.2022,
  • Deregistration from Techniken der IT is only possible until 29.04.2022.

Examinations of other departments

Please note that there may be different regulations for examinations of other departments.


Inspection dates

Exams winter semester

Dear students,

In the table below you will find the information provided by the chairs regarding the inspection of examinations for the winter semester 21/22. For examinations not listed, please contact the relevant chair directly.

Overview of inspection



Examinations programme

Summer semester 2022

Dear students,

In the following overviews you will find the examination programme for the summer semester 2022:

Bachelor's programme:

Master's programme:

The dates for the examinations will be published as soon as the necessary room planning has been completed. Due to the currently unpredictable situation for the summer semester and the associated regulations, room planning is more difficult. For example, it is not foreseeable how many people may be in a room at the same time.

If necessary, all examinations can also be offered in online formats.