Welcome to the School of Business and Economics at the University of Münster! Please have a look at the wide range of courses we offer and at our diverse research activities.



The School of Business and Economics is characterised by a particularly broad range of courses and a generalist education. Great store is set by the international accreditation of the degree courses and further education programs. All the programs offer outstanding teaching quality. The aim is to be a major breeding ground for those who are destined to achieve eminence in academia or the world of management.



As one of the leading schools in the area of business administration and economics, the School of Business and Economics aims to offer an attractive environment for distinguished researchers. Its primary objective is to identify and support young talent in order to qualify them to become distinguished scholars in different academic spheres.


The School

The large school, which covers a broad range of contents and methods, is given structure and profile by its centres. They cluster numerous research and teaching activities of the individual chairs and institutes, and act as expert centres, research clusters and internal coordinators of the courses offered. The Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Management centres are complemented by the Center for Applied Research in Economics, the Center for Quantitative Economics, the Center for Economic Theory, the Center for Information Systems and the Center for Interdisciplinary Economics.

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The School of Business & Economics aims to promote the exchange between academic theory and business practice. In education, importance is attached to comprehensive, international and practice-oriented qualification, with particular stress on methodological competence. The school’s Career Development Center (CDC) has been offering additional subject-specific career services since 2008.

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Internationalisation takes a high priority at the School of Business and Economics. In both research and teaching, the school cooperates closely with institutions abroad and is involved in international networks worldwide. Professors and junior researchers are active members of international research groups and keep up a continuing exchange. Every year, the school welcomes an impressive number of international guest students, postgraduates and renowned guest researchers from all over the world.