• 2022

    Research article (journal)

    Kaposty, F., Klein, P., Löderbusch, M., & Pfingsten, A. (2022). Loss Given Default in SME Leasing. Review of Managerial Science, 16, 1561–1597.
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    Project report

    Klein, P., Pfingsten, A., Fenner, A., Nitschke, A., & Voshardt, Y. (2022). Aktive Kreditrisiko-, Eigenkapital- und Liquiditätssteuerung: Eine Analyse assetbasierter Instrumente.
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  • 2021

    Research article (journal)

    Klein, P., Maidl, C., & Woyand, C. (2021). Bank Ownership and Capital Buffers: How Internal Control is Affected by External Governance. Journal of Financial Stability, 54(100857).
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    Klein, P., Mössinger, C., & Pfingsten, A. (2021). Transparency as a Remedy for Agency Problems in Securitization? The Case of ECB's Loan-Level Reporting Initiative. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 46(100853).
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    Working paper

    Fener, A., Klein, P., & Mössinger, C. (2021). Better be careful: The replenishment of ABS backed by SME loans. In Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Paper: Vol. 30. Frankfurt.
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  • 2020

    Research article (journal)

    Klein, P. (2020). Werden sichere Finanzierungen unattraktiv? — Ein Ausblick für Immobilien und Leasingfinanzierer auf die neuen Baseler Vorschriften. BankArchiv, 69(12).
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