Welcome to the Finance Center Münster

The Finance Center Münster (FCM) bundles the financial market-oriented research and teaching of the University of Münster School of Business and Economics. We cooperate with a wide variety of economic and legal scholars. Characteristics of the work of the FCM include the linking of functional finance topics with institutional aspects of financial service providers, the special consideration of behavioral aspects in the sense of behavioral finance, the analysis of hedging and valuation of derivatives under model risk, the investigation of optimal portfolio strategies and their implications for the capital market as well as the theoretically based empirical analysis of practically relevant questions from the banking and finance sector. The FCM is characterised by active research with a clear international orientation and the integration of numerous professional relations. Students are offered a methodologically advanced and at the same time application-oriented education, which prepares them for a broad spectrum of professional activities and offers them a reliable basis for lifelong learning. In addition to the basic course programme, various innovative special events, often held in English, contribute to this.