Chair of Banking

Our research focus is on the analysis of banks and other financial intermediaries. Above all, the existence of banks can be explained by asymmetrically distributed information, which is why the economies of information are of high importance for us. In addition, regulatory and tax requirements as well as accounting regulations, which are not always in line with economic considerations, indicate the relevance of the government. The scholarly and social significance of our thematic focus has often been demonstrated in the past. A prominent example in this context is the recent financial crisis, which has revealed numerous market imperfections. We consciously deal with a relatively broad range of topics from the areas of credit business, risk management, banking regulation, and internal and external accounting. Objectives include deriving the effects of given regulations, explaining observed phenomena, optimizing banking behaviour, and formulating policy proposals. We usually work quantitatively, i.e. with mathematical, statistical and econometric models and methods. We present the results of our work at national and international conferences and in leading scientific journals. In addition, we make our research results appropriately accessible to practitioners.