Lecture Bachelor: Principles of Entrepreneurship


Principles of Entrepreneurship (PoE) will take place in the first term of SoSe 2023. The first term runs from 06.04.2023 to 18.05.2023 (duration: 8 weeks).

Lecture: Thursdays 8-12 am, room Schlossplatz 46 - H 3 

Tutorial:  Tuesdays 14-16 h, room Universitätsstraße 14-16- JUR 2 (start 18.04.2023)

We will offer the first lecture in a hybrid format on a one-time basis. You can participate via Zoom: https://wwu.zoom.us/j/66097511671  However, we won't be recording the session.

All other lectures and tutorials will be in person only!

The course counts for the module "Selected Chapters of Business Administration" in SoSe 2023. Exceptionally, the course can also be taken if another course (only one!) has already been chosen in the past as part of the module "Selected Chapters of Business Administration". In addition, the course can also be taken as part of the "General Studies". The registration for the course is done regularly via FlexNow. A separate registration via our chair or similar is not necessary. The exam will take place in the early examination period (May 30, 2023 ).


Please enroll in the Learnweb course "PRINCIPLES OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP SOSE 2023, DAVID BENDIG" to receive all the latest news. Enrollment is initially without a password.

Language English
Credit Points 6

This module provides an introduction to entrepreneurship. The learning content includes the basics of entrepreneurship with regard to entrepreneurial decisions, the creation of business models and the recognition of opportunities and risks. Students learn how to think and act entrepreneurially in order to successfully implement ideas and innovation processes. In addition, students learn what sources of financing are available and what methods they can use to evaluate young companies. In addition, students learn what financial sources are available and what methods they can use to evaluate young companies.

Professional skills

The students

  • develop a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset
  • understand how to deal with opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurial activities
  • develop an understanding of the innovation process and understand the relevance of customer needs for the development of new products
  • get an overview of possible sources of financing for start-ups
  • learn how to apply different methods for the evaluation of young companies
Examination  Exam
Attendance Attendance is strongly recommended to enhance learning.

Linda Brüss