Bachelor's Theses

  • General

    Registration for bachelor’s theses is done via the examination office of the School of Business and Economics at the University of Münster. The registration dates for the bachelor’s theses can be found on the Examination Office’s website.

    Detailed explanations especially on formal layout of the thesis can be found on our download page

    This information is updated regularly. Therefore, please check regularly to see whether you have the latest version.

  • Procedure specific to the chair

    Theses can be written in different research focuses at our group.

    Before registering at the examination office for a bachelor’s thesis at our group, please get in touch with Ann-Katrin Eicke. Briefly describe your research project and your desired time frame within which you will complete your thesis. Subsequently, you will be assigned a suitable thesis advisor and he/she will contact you in order to define your subject area in detail. A summary of the research focuses and subject areas in which theses are currently being offered can be obtained from the page of our research and teaching assistants. We are open towards topic proposals which you do not find in one of the research focuses.

    Please send the following document to your advisor:

    a Guide Card (via download at the Examination Office).

  • Issuance of the bachelor’s theses topic

    Issuance of the bachelor’s thesis topic is done at the group’s office by Mrs Heitmann or by the respective advisor. The time frame of 8 weeks for working on the thesis commences with the issuance of the topic. This time frame can be extended to 12 weeks in case less than 168 ECTS-points were achieved at the study program up to the time of the issuance of the bachelor’s thesis. In this case, use the “Antrag auf studienbegleitende Bachelorarbeit”, which can be found here. Public holidays can be added to the processing time of the thesis. However, the final submission deadline is the one that is relevant for the assignment to the respective semester. It is unaffected by the days added. We encourage you to consider this while calculating your favored submission date. A helpful online calculator can be found here.
  • Submission of the theses

    The final bachelor’s thesis is to be printed on one side and submitted in two bound copies to the group. Upon prior consultation with the advisor, the submission must be done by the last working day of the time frame for working on the thesis or by sending it to the group (the date of the postmark applies, sending by registered post is recommended). Moreover, the theses has to be send to the supervisor or an USB stick containing a PDF and Word file of the thesis and the data set including the analysis code (syntax) for empirical theses has to be submitted. The Consent Form for plagiarism check (via download at the Examination Office) has to be bonded at the ende of the thesis.
  • Completed theses

    An overview of the bachelor’s theses that have already been completed at the Chair of Business Management can be found here.