Theses and Term papers

Formal guidelines for writing Bachelor’s, Master’s theses and term papers

If you are interested in writing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis at our department, please contact Kim Vanessa Bröker. Please let us know the desired starting quarter and initial topic suggestions.

The Chair of Business Management offers Bachelor’s and Master’s theses as well as term papers that address current scientifically and practically relevant topics within its research focus of strategic management. For a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, details on the required registration procedure, content and layout can be found in the respective rubric. For a term paper, these details can be found in the corresponding course rubric.

The examination and study regulations of the Faculty of Business and Economics provide the legal framework for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses and term papers. Further details can be obtained by directly contacting the Examinations Office.

The formal guidelines you will find on our download-site.