Term Papers


Registration for seminar research papers is done via the Centrum für Management at the University of Münster or as agreed upon individually with the advisor at the chair.

Detailed explanations especially on formal layout of the seminar research paper can be found on our download page.

This information is updated regularly. Therefore, please check regularly to see whether you have the latest version.

Issuance of the seminar research paper topic

The respective advisor issues the topic for seminar research papers. The time frame for working on the seminar research paper commences with the issuance of the topic.

Submission of seminar research papers

Seminar research papers are to be printed on one side and submitted unbound in a loose-leaf or spring binder to Ms Heitmann (room 308) at the chair’s office or the responsible advisor. The paper has to be submitted at the latest by the last working day of the time frame allocated for working on the paper. The submission can be done personally as well as via post to the chair (the date of the postmark applies; sending via registered post is recommended). Submission usually occurs during this announced period. In case you want to deliver it personally before the regular submission date, you have to contact either Ms Heitmann or the respective advisor in advance.  Moreover, a CD-ROM containing a PDF and Word file of the seminar research paper and for empirical theses the data set including the analysis code (syntax) has to be submitted. The Consent Form for plagiarism check (via download at the Examination Office) has to be bonded at the ende of the thesis.