B. Sc. in Economics at the University of Münster

DEGREE Bachelor of Science

180 ECTS (6 Semesters)


German & English


Providing deep insights into national and business economics, training in quantitative and digital skills, as well as the expansion of subject-specific language skills for the optimal preparation of a career in business, 
public administration, or in your own start-up


From the beginning of May to mid-July for a start in the winter semester 2024/2025

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The Bachelor's degree program in economics offers you:

  • Excellent education: Are you fascinated by the interface between economics and environmental protection? Would you like to contribute to the fight against poverty or help shape the transport transition? Are digital markets and the secrets of innovation economics topics that arouse your curiosity? Then the bachelor’s degree course in Economics at the University of Münster is the perfect place for you. Here you are not only part of a degree program that regularly achieves top positions in national and international university rankings, but also part of a community that is actively shaping the future of the economy.
  • Best future prospects: Our economics graduates can be found in top positions in the economy, in leading roles within ministries and in key positions in international organizations. They drive the founding of innovative companies or shape the future with their research. The bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Münster opens up a wide range of career opportunities that are ideal preparation for starting a career, founding a company or pursuing a further academic career. Regular guest lectures by practitioners not only offer you a deep insight into the various career paths open to you, but also the chance to learn directly from experienced professionals. These valuable perspectives enrich your studies and broaden your view of the practical application of economics in the real world. Our REACH Euregio Startup Center offers the perfect platform for budding founders. Here you will have access to a supportive ecosystem that will guide you through the realization of your start-up idea. This incubator is a testament to our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and provides you with the tools you need for a successful launch.
  • An innovative curriculum: Your degree course in Münster will first take you through the basic principles of economics. Among other things, you will explore how wealth is created, recognize the reasons for inflation and learn how to handle complex data skillfully. In the second year, you will deepen your knowledge and apply it to current challenges: the efficiency of the market economy, the fairness of income distribution, strategies for effectively limiting climate change and the question of why flying cars are still a thing of the future? In your third year of study, you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to the areas of economics that particularly fascinate you. The University of Münster offers you a wide range of specialization courses in areas such as energy economics, innovation, monetary policy and transport. For a comprehensive overview of our researchers and their ideas as well as your studies and elective modules, take a look at the following resources:

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  • Flexible options and specialization: In the bachelor’s degree program in Economics, you can pursue your own interests by choosing a specialization. The third year of study opens a wide range of options for you to deepen your knowledge of economics. This variety of elective modules (WPM) allows you to develop a unique profile that can serve as a springboard for your further academic and professional career, for example for a master’s degree program tailored to your interests. You can find a detailed overview of the compulsory elective modules (WPM) on offer in the module compendium.

  • Internationality and interdisciplinarity: In the fifth semester, a mobility window opens for you, allowing you to continue your economics studies at one of our numerous international partner universities. At the same time, you can broaden your horizons with courses in related disciplines and subject areas in order to develop interdisciplinary skills alongside your economics studies and further enhance your personal profile.

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Your economics degree in Münster could look like this:

Students have the option to either choose a course from the general studies catalog or alternatively complete an internship. An internship is not a mandatory but a highly recommended part of the degree program. If students choose an internship, they are obliged to complete a work-related internship of approx. 150 hours (usually 4 weeks). An internship can be credited with ECTS if certain criteria are met. 

As part of the degree program, a total of 8 elective modules must be taken, of which three elective modules must come from the field of economics. In addition to the three compulsory elective modules in economics, you also choose a compulsory elective module in business administration and can therefore also acquire in-depth knowledge in this area. A current overview for the respective semester can be found in the course catalog and here.

semester abroad is not an obligatory but very enriching part of the degree program. You can find more information here.

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Our research and ideas as the basis for innovation

Economics at the University of Münster offers a practical and research-oriented education that is characterized by the combination of theoretical knowledge with current global challenges. Students benefit from a variety of specialized courses led by renowned professors and have the opportunity to work intensively on economic issues, including energy economics, transport economics and finance. In addition to current and relevant content on the interaction between companies, the state, employees and consumers, our teaching is also characterized by effective and interactive teaching and learning methods. Below you will find examples of subject areas and their exemplary questions.

Your way to success

Would you like to found a start-up in the field of economics or make strategic decisions for an international corporation? The economics degree program at the University of Münster provides the perfect foundation for these and many other career paths. Our graduates are not only sought-after in national and international companies, but they also find attractive jobs in areas such as politics, consulting, research and the financial sector or found their own companies. With 15 alumni among the DAX board members, the University of Münster ranks third in Germany, which is another reason why studying at the University of Münster offers you numerous opportunities to come into contact with excellent professionals:

Following your Bachelor's degree, the Master's degree programmes at the University of Münster offer you the opportunity to specialize further and deepen what you have learned. Our graduates study and conduct research all over the world. The Career Development Center will be happy to advise you on further questions about your career prospects.

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The city of Münster as your campus

With over 60,000 students, Münster is one of the largest university cities in Germany. In 2004, Münster was honored with the LivCon Award as the most liveable city in the world and is consistently ranked among the most liveable cities in Germany.

In addition to university education, Münster is characterized in particular by a lively student life and is the epitome of a student city: from sailing or walking on the Aasee lake and water sports in the canal to long nights in numerous bars and clubs, to a wide range of cultural and sightseeing attractions, Münster offers the ideal backdrop for three exciting years. You can find more information about student life in Münster, the university initiatives and the sports and cultural offerings here.

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