Following the principle of applied research focused on societal issues, the School of Business and Economics (SBE) is committed to the transfer of knowledge into practice and society.


Our understanding of knowledge transfer

In dialogue with our partners from business and politics, we create knowledge about economic interrelationships, actively shape the future and take responsibility for the challenges of our time.

For us, dialogue means learning from our partners (outside-in) and sharing our research findings with our partners (inside-out).

We create insights that are scientifically grounded and socially relevant.

We help society to understand economic interrelationships and take an active role in public discourse.

We understand transfer as our task and thus do not pursue commercial goals, but rather the development and expansion of academic knowledge.


Transfer activities of the School of Business and Economics

The SBE focuses on five central areas of transfer activity in order to fulfill its social responsibility. The goal of the activities in the area of transfer is the consistent connection of research, teaching and transfer.

  • Research collaborations | The aim of our research cooperations is to address current issues of companies and other institutions in a research-based manner and to implement the results of our work in companies and institutions.
  • Dialogue with practice and lifelong learning | Together with students, we enter into a dialogue with practice in order to build a bridge between theory and practice. In addition, we offer continuing education programs that enable practitioners to reflect on their everyday work in the light of academic findings.
  • Entrepreneurship | The School of Business and Economics is involved in the REACH EUREGIO Start-up Center and supports students and young researchers in realizing their start-up ideas.
  • Public lecture series (in German) | Every semester, the SBE organizes a public lecture series on current topics in the fields of business, economics or information systems in order to enter into a dialogue with the society. The aim of the lecture series is to emphasize the importance of a science-oriented mindset.
  • Public relations (in German) | In the course of its public relations work, the SBE pursues the goal of making research results accessible to practitioners and society. The press review shows the response of the media to our research contributions.