Lecture Master: Corporate Entrepreneurship


Corporate Entrepreneurship - Intrapreneurship and Family Firms (CE) will take place in the first term of summer semester 2023.
The first term runs from 06th April 2023 to 19th May 2023 (duration: 7 weeks).

Lecture: Thursday 4pm – 8pm, Schloss - S 9

Tutorial: Friday 10am – 2pm, Schlossplatz 46 - H 3

Please note that we will start on April 6 with the first lecture but exceptionally finish at 6 pm. In addition, we will offer the first lecture in a hybrid format on a one-time basis. You can participate via Zoom: https://wwu.zoom.us/j/69467915463  However, we won't be recording the session.

All other lectures and tutorials will be in person only, so we strongly encourage you to wear (medical) face masks.

Please notice that the first tutorial on April 7 is canceled due to the holiday.

Please enroll in the Learnweb course "CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP SOSE 2023, DAVID BENDIG" to receive all the latest news. Enrollment is initially without a password.  LearnWeb

Language English
Credit Points 6

The lecture Corporate Entrepreneurship provides students with an understanding of the various possibilities and approaches for established companies to act entrepreneurially in order to maintain or regain flexibility and innovative capability. These entrepreneurial activities are analyzed and related to corporate reality. In addition, the course introduces the topic of change management, because even established companies have to deal intensively with entrepreneurial activities and changes.

Professional skills

This course enables students to

  • apply entrepreneurial thinking and action in the context of an established corporate structure
  • critically reflect on the relevance, requirements, structures and different methods of corporate entrepreneurship 
  • understand the basic concepts of change management
Examination 70% Exam, 30% Presentation
Attendance Attendance is strongly recommended to enhance learning success. 

Kristin Gisa, M.Sc.