Doctoral Course: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice


Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice will take place in the second term of winter semester 2022/2023.
The course consists of two blocks:
13./14.02.2023 (virtually)
03./09./10.03.2023 (location: tbd)

The course will take place all day from 08:00-19:00 each day. 

Registrations are possible until 05.02.2023 (23:59 Uhr) via Mail to Bryan Januchowski



Language German/English
Credit Points 6

Classification according to doctoral program regulations: 
Doctoral program regulations of 2002: A-Certificate ("A-certificate"); Structured doctoral studies of 2002: Basic course ("Basic course"); Doctoral program regulations of 2018: Theory course ("Theory course").

This course aims to develop doctoral students' ability to conduct state-of-the-art research in entrepreneurship and related fields. It follows the traditional research path and begins by teaching key foundational concepts of entrepreneurship research. After establishing this foundation, the course works toward the desired outcome of building and publishing significant entrepreneurial theory. In addition, the course provides a practical perspective by allowing participants to go through a design thinking cycle with one of their own ideas.

Professional Skills

Participants will learn 

  • the critical analysis of entrepreneurial research
  • the development of research questions and hypotheses
  • the methodology for conducting state-of-the-art research
  • how to write and publish high-quality articles
  • apply practical methods to their own ideas
Examination 60% Essay, 40% Presentation
Attendance Compulsory attendance

Bryan Januchowski