Course announcement Schlüsselqualifikation "Business Plan Analysis and Valuation" (in German)

In the summer semester of 2024, the Institute for Management Accounting & Control, in collaboration with PwC, is offering a "Schlüsselqualifikation" on the topic of Analysis and Valuation.

The module will take place full-day over three days from April to May (25.04, 26.04, 03.05).

The application form is already open (deadline for applications is April 17, 2024).

The seminar provides knowledge for practical analysis and valuation of a company's future financial performance, considering strategic and non-financial aspects. It deepens and expands theoretical knowledge of internal and external accounting as well as investment analysis with practical elements and decision criteria. Specifically, the module imparts practical skills for processing financial data using MS Excel, result-oriented teamwork, and audience-appropriate communication and presentation of decision templates.

For more information on the content and objectives of the event, visit the official event page. For any questions regarding the event, feel free to contact Hannes Döring.