Study Day at LVM Insurance in Münster

On the past Tuesday, bachelor and master students from the University of Münster had the opportunity to participate in a study day at LVM Insurance in Münster as part of the course Insurance Management. During the study day, they had the chance to get to know the company, connect with employees, and engage in discussions about topics such as thesis projects, internships, and career entry.

The study day was initiated a few years ago by the research team led by Prof. Dr. Berens in collaboration with LVM and Provinzial. Since the summer semester of 2022, the course Insurance Management and the study day have been organized by the Institute of Management Accounting & Control in cooperation with LVM and Provinzial, taking place in the summer semester.

The event offers students a unique opportunity not only to acquire comprehensive knowledge in the field of insurance, but also to establish direct contact with the two leading insurance companies in Münster. In addition to weekly lectures held by experts from LVM and Provinzial, every year a presentation followed by a "get together" is organized alternately at LVM and Provinzial. This year, the students had the opportunity to hear an exciting presentation by board member Mr. Marcus Loskant on the topic of "Digitalization".