Current situation regarding examinations

In the past days we received multiple enquiries with regard to the organisation of examinations undertaken in this summer term. Currently, the university's rectorate, our dean's office, the exmanination office and all Chairs are in close coordination in order to evaluate and plan how and when examinations will be offered this semester. Thus, we are unable to unilateraly provide information beyond what has been communicated by the dean's office and the examination office. As soon as a final decision has been made, we will inform all students via the respective Learnweb courses, furthermore the examination office is informing students as usual about dates and deadlines. This analogously applies to reviewing exams of the last winter semester (Einsichtnahme). Therefore, we would kindly ask all students to refrain from sending individual enquiries regarding form or date of examination and ask for your understanding.

Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions outside the abovementioned.