Controlling 2025: Exploring the future of Controlling

For the final lecture of this year's course "Strategic Management Accounting", Dr. Christian Pfennig of Deloitte visited our Chair. In his guest lecture on "Controlling 2025", Dr. Pfennig was able to provide the students with insights into which innovative technologies are already used in practice today and he also showed which digital transformations can be expected in the future. To provide an example he used a short video to demonstrate how, thanks to "chatbots" and "Natural Language Generation", a complete report can already be created fully automatically from Excel files within a few seconds. Thus, Dr. Pfennig concluded that financial management will change significantly within the next years: The future roles of a controller will be more specialized, and the industry is already adapting to the new technologies today.

We would like to thank Dr. Christian Pfennig for visiting our chair in Münster. We would also like to thank all course participants for the interested questions!