Münster Series on International Accounting (partly German)

Band 1:
Daniela Barth - Prognoseberichterstattung.
Praxis, Determinanten, Kapitalmarktwirkungen,
Frankfurt a.M. 2009
Band 2:
Tobias Dickmann - Controllingintegration nach M&A-Transaktionen. Eine empirische Analyse,
Frankfurt a.M. 2010
Band 3:
Simon Esser - Produktorientiertes Kostenmanagement in der chemischen Industrie. Eine empirische Analyse,
Frankfurt a.M. 2010
Band 4:
Christian Reisloh – Influence of National Culture on IFRS Practice. An Empirical Study in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, Frankfurt a.M. 2011
Band 5:
Matthias Moeschler - Cost Accounting in Germany and Japan - A Comparative Analysis, Frankfurt a. M. 2012
Band 6:
Martin Merschdorf – Der Management Approach in der IFRS-Rechnungslegung – Implikationen für Unternehmen und Investoren, Frankfurt a. M.  2012
Band 7:
Kristian Bachert – Fair Value Accounting. Implications for Users of Financial Statements, Frankfurt a.M. 2012

Band 8:
Daniel Blaesing – Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung in Deutschland und den USA - Berichtspraxis, Determinanten und Eigenkapitalkostenwirkungen, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2013.

Band 9:
Christina Voets – Kulturelle Einflüsse auf die Anwendung des Impairment-Tests nach IAS 36 - Eine experimentelle Untersuchung in Asien und Europa, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2013.
  Band 10:
Thomas Poplat – Foreign Investments in BRIC Countries - Empirical Evidence from Multinational Corporations, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2013.
Band 11:
Moritz Schröder – Cost Accounting in Anglophone Subsidiaries - Empirical Evidence from Germany, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2014.
Band 12:
Maximilian Saucke – Full IFRS and IFRS for SMEs Adoption by Private Firms – Empirical Evidence on Country Level, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2015.
Band 13:
Martin Nienhaus – Segment Reporting under IFRS 8 – Reporting Practice and Economic Consequences, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2015.
Band 14:
Gregor Hagemann – Financial Reporting Quality in Emerging Economies - Empirical Evidence from Brazil and South Africa, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2016.
Band 15:
Stefan Hannen – Integrated Reporting - Useful for Investors?, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2017.
Band 16:
Alexander Schulz – Cost Accounting in German Multinational Companies - An Empirical Analysis, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2018.
Band 17:
Daniela Peters –  Synergy and Goodwill Controlling - Empirical Evidence on Determinants and Acquisition Performance, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2018.
Band 18:
Matthias Nienaber - Preparation Process of Nonfinancial KPIs for Management Reports - Empirical Evidence on Process Design and Determinants, Frankfurt a.M. et al. 2019

Band 19:
Henrik Schirmacher – Performance Measurement Systems – Design and Adoption in German Multinational Companies

Band 20
Friedrich Kalden - Performance Measurement in Shared Services - Empirical Evidence from European Multinational Companies

Band 21:
Daniel Gayk - The Use of Sustainability Information - Empirical Evidence from Multinational Corporations