Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeisberger

Title of PhD Thesis:
A Behavioral Approach to Assessing the Attractiveness of Risky Investments: The Influence of Investment Horizon, Myopia, and Time Stability of Preferences

Publications Based on PhD Thesis:
Zeisberger, S., Langer, T., & Weber, M. (2012). Why does myopia decrease the willingness to invest? Is it myopic loss aversion or myopic loss probability aversion?. Theory and Decision, 72(1), 35-50.
Zeisberger, S., Vrecko, D., & Langer, T. (2012). Measuring the time stability of prospect theory preferences. Theory and Decision, 72(3), 359-386.
Dierkes, M., Erner, C., & Zeisberger, S. (2010). Investment horizon and the attractiveness of investment strategies: A behavioral approach. Journal of Banking & Finance, 34(5), 1032-1046.
Zeisberger, S., Langer, T., & Trede, M. (2007). A note on myopic loss aversion and the equity premium puzzle. Finance Research Letters, 4(2), 127-136.

Positions after PhD:
Universität Zürich, Associate Professor of Fintech - Experimental Finance
Radboud Universität Nijmegen, Professor of Financial Economics