Research profile Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration unites interdisciplinary, application-oriented research at the highest international level and including various stakeholders (e.g. businesses, administrations and governments as well as international academic institutions).

The department is divided into four large areas. This structure makes it possible to view the research area of “Business Administration” comprehensively and integrally:

The Accounting Center Münster deals with questions of external and internal accounting, auditing and company taxation. International accounting and international taxation issues play a particular role here.

The Finance Center Münster is centred around questions from banking and finance. It focuses on business financing, credit risks, investment decisions including retirement provisions, the evaluation of assets and, in particular, asset price bubbles.

The third area is the Marketing Center Münster, which deals with questions regarding market-oriented business management. Topics such as customer relationship management, value-based marketing, sales and distribution management, direct marketing, media and digital marketing, and B2B marketing play a major role here.

The fourth business administration area, the Center for Management, focuses on general components of management such as organisation, innovation and strategic management.