Research profile

As one of the leading faculties in the area of business administration and economics, the University of Münster School of Business & Economics of Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster aims to offer an attractive environment for distinguished researchers. Its primary objective is to identify and support young talent in order to qualify them to become distinguished scholars in different academic spheres.

The faculty offers a professional environment for academic research with a broad range of methodological approaches. The historical environment of the university as well as the size and diversity of the University of Münster School of Business & Economics offer outstanding conditions for discipline-specific and interdisciplinary research. All in all, the faculty accomplishes a sound balance between fundamental and applied research in order to be able to thus establish a synthesis between the requirements of science and the demands of practice. This position, constituted in the past, permits to cover a broad range of topics relevant to both science and society, including innovative issues.

It is another aim of the research activities to qualify tomorrow’s reflective and responsible executives who meet the qualified tasks in economy, science and politics. Academic rigour is the basis of junior researchers’ conceptual thinking, while applied research helps them to apply scientific findings to the challenges of scientific and economic practice.

Many members of the faculty participate in international and national research networks and work across faculty boundaries with cooperation partners in Germany and abroad.

Current research results of our faculty’s professors have an influence on teaching, and research projects are developed and discussed in the courses. There is an interleaving of research and teaching. 

The faculty is recognised by the Scientific Community and accredited in accordance with the standards of the AACSB.