Young Economy Award

Young Economy Award

In the summer semester of 2023, the Wirtschaftsjunioren Nord Westfalen and the FB4 alumni association AlumniUM will once again award the "Young Economy Prize". One bachelor's and one master's thesis will be awarded, each dealing with the topics of entrepreneurship, corporate management, SMEs, or other topics relevant to "young business". All students whose theses have been evaluated with a grade of 2.0 or better and whose thesis grades were submitted to the Examinations Office after October 31, 2022 are eligible to apply for this award.

Both awards, the Young Economy "Bachelor Edition" Award and the Young Economy "Master Edition" Award, come with prize money of 500€.

The deadline for submission is May 31, 2023.Applicants:inside please send the following information to fridtjof.bahlburg@alumnium.net by this date: Thesis topic, abstract, thesis and grade. Among all submissions, the jury, consisting of members of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Nord Westfalen, will determine the work that enriches economic practice in the field of entrepreneurship and contributes to scientific discourse.

The award will be presented at the graduation ceremony on June 30, 2023. The award winners:inside will be informed in good time beforehand by AlumniUM. All students who receive the grade of their thesis after the deadline mentioned above can of course also apply for the Young Economy Award. They will then be considered by the jury in the following semester when determining the prize winners.



  • Subject areas: Entrepreneurship, business management, SMEs, or other topics relevant to "young business"
  • Grade: 2.0 or better
  • Application deadline: May 31, 2023
  • Prize money: 500,00€
  • Documents to be submitted: topic, abstract, thesis and grade


Contact and further information:

 Fridtjof Bahlburg 

+49 251 / 8322965