Guest lecture by OMMAX on the valuation digital business models

On Monday, we had the pleasure to welcome back Toni Stork, CEO of OMMAX, as a guest speaker in our Master's course "Managing Growth"!

Toni’s extensive knowledge and experience in the market of digital business models makes him the perfect fit for our module in the Entrepreneurship track. Toni complemented our students’ learnings about the internal management control decisions in start-ups and scale-ups, by explaining the different methods used to assess the value of digital businesses as well as involved – with a special emphasis on firms in the scale-up stage. He underscored the importance of understanding the digital ecosystem and the various revenue streams that drive the success of a digital business and specifically shared his experience with customer-based valuation approaches.

A big thank you, Toni, for visiting us here in Münster and sharing your insights with our students - it is always a pleasure! We are very much looking forward to having you again next year!