Business Plan Analysis and Valuation seminar with PwC Germany

What is the overarching purpose of a business plan and which components are vital to incorporate in such? And how do you consecutively put a value on aforementioned business plan?
This two-step question was at the core of last week's seminar on Business Plan Analysis and Valuation held by PwC Germany. For two days, our participants worked on a fictional case from determining what constitutes the ongoing business to financially valuing the firm after considering risk and ESG factors.
Our partners from PwC shared their extensive professional experience concerning valuation and also provided perspectives on their daily work both during the seminar as well as the get-together that concluded the first day with some food and drinks.

Many thanks to Michael, Charlotte, Cornelia, and Hana for your continued engagement in sparking interest in the topic of business analysis and valuation and for providing many exciting insights into your work! We are looking forward to having you again next year!