Celebration for the second PhD from our institute

At the end of January, we celebrated the successful defense of the dissertation of Florian Droese, who became the second person to receive his PhD from our institute! As is tradition at our institute, Florian received his personalized doctoral cap and the traditional gown after the graduation ceremony.
We would like to sincerely thank you, Florian, for your great contribution and effort in setting up the institute, keeping everything running from a lecturing standpoint, and of course your own dissertation project. The graduation ceremony also marked the end of Florian’s time at our institute, and we all here wish you a great time and good rest for your upcoming trip around the world, you have definitely earned it!

We also do not want to forget Simon Schölzel, who is part of the Research Team Berens, our predecessor chair, and also part of our institute by heart. He also finished his dissertation and received his PhD at the same time as Florian. Congratulations to you as well!