Prof. Dr. Rohleder trains students in the professional use of Excel

In corporate practice, Microsoft Excel is an indispensable tool for a great variety of tasks and is also used in preparation of important decision-making. In practice, therefore, models in Excel should be understandable, flexible and error-resistant. However, the transfer of the corresponding know-how does not play a role in the syllabus of many universities. To close this gap, the Institute of Management Accounting and Control in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Andreas Rohleder from the Technical University Bingen are offering the seminar “Excel for Professionals”.

Prof. Dr. Rohleder, himself an alumnus of the University of Muenster, looks back at two decades of experience as an Excel user and developer. Before he took over the chair for entrepreneurship and corporate management at the Technical University Bingen, he supported companies in the use of Excel in controlling and the associated planning and decision-making processes for many years with his management consultancy.

For years now already, Prof. Dr. Rohleder has trained a lot of students of the Faculty of Business and Economics in the form of a hands-on, practice-oriented two-day seminar. In addition to learning technical skills, focus is also on teaching good design practices and hands-on experience through the work on case studies. His overall goal is to enable participants to implement their tasks in Excel in the most timesaving, consistent, and error-free manner possible.

The Institute wants to thank Prof. Dr. Rohleder for the successful seminar and the students for the active participation! Due to the great interest and positive feedback from the students, the course is set to be held again in the coming summer term.