Theses for Bachelor and Master Students and Seminar Papers

Our chair currently supervises a very high number of project courses and final papers. All further projects are directly supervised by Professor Dr. Bohl. This includes both Bachelor theses and Master theses as well as project courses. New theses and project courses, which are to be supervised by the research associates, can unfortunately only be supervised from the winter semester 2020/2021 onwards. (This regulation does not apply to students who have already contacted the chair with regard to a thesis.)


The Chair of Monetary Economics supervises theses for Bachelor and Master students on a topic related to monetary policy and financial markets. We welcome your personal suggestions on specific topics for the thesis.

A prerequisite for writing a Bachelor’s thesis is the successful passing of an elective seminar module in Economics.

The Master’s thesis is typically linked to the seminar paper written as part of the project studies.


Guidelines for Theses and Seminar Papers

Document length

  • Seminar paper: ca. 15 pages
  • Project course paper: ca. 20 pages
  • Bachelor-thesis: ca. 30 pages
  • Master-thesis: ca. 50 pages

The page count refers to the main body of your paper and includes all figures and tables therein. It does not include the cover sheet, the table of content, the table of figures, the bibliography or any appendices (and all the figures and tables therein) as well as the affidavit.

Page layout

  • DIN-A4 with adequate page margins
  • Line spacing: one and a half spacing for regular text, single spacing for footnotes
  • Font size: 11pt for typical fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial
  • Alignment: Justified

Citation style and footnotes

  • Please use Harvard referencing and make use of in-text citations
  • If a reference features three or more authors only state the name of the first author in the main text followed by „et al.“.
  • Footnotes should be reserved for additional information to the reader


If you are interested in writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis or if you have further questions, please contact Christoph Sulewski, MSc.