Dr. Alexander Pütz, MSc
Ehemaliger Mitarbeiter

Lehrstuhl für Volkswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Monetäre Ökonomie

Am Stadtgraben 9
48143 Münster

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    Bohl, M. T., Irwin, S. H., Pütz, A., & Sulewski, C. (2023). The impact of financialization on the efficiency of commodity futures markets. Journal of Commodity Markets, 31(September).
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    Iorgulescu, E., Pütz, A., & Siklos, P. (2022). “Evil” Speculators? Evidence from Grain Futures Trading in Chicago During the Interwar Period. (submitted / under review)
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    Bohl, M., Pütz, A., Siklos, P., & Sulewski, C. (2021). Information Transmission under Increasing Political Tension — Evidence for the Berlin Produce Exchange 1887-1896. Journal of Futures Markets, 41(2), 226–244.
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    Bohl, M., Pütz, A., & Sulewski, C. (2021). Speculation and the Informational Efficiency of Commodity Futures Markets. Journal of Commodity Markets, 23(September, Article 100159).
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    Pütz, A., Siklos, P., & Sulewski, C. (2020). Networks and trade costs in commodity markets during the late nineteenth century: A new dataset and evidence. European Review of Economic History, 24(4), 675–695.
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