Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the CEAT program. Should you not find the answer to your problem, please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail or directly contact Till Münster.


Application for CEAT

  • How do I apply for CEAT?

    To become a member of the CEAT program, you must apply using our online application form. You can find it here. Please fill in all the necessary information and upload a letter of motivation, your current CV and your current transcript of records. Students in the master's studies should also upload their bachelor's degree certificate. Please enter your average grade in the application form as a value rounded down to one decimal place. All documents are to be uploaded in a single .pdf file (max. 5 MB). Upon successful submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail. After the application deadline has expired, we will review all applications and contact you soon.

  • Which requirements do I have to meet to become a member of CEAT?

    The CEAT program is aimed at bachelor's and master's students of the FB04 of WWU with special interest in accounting and/or corporate taxation. In addition to above-average academic performance, we therefore expect applicants to have a recognizable academic or practical focus in one of these areas, which is demonstrated by fulfilling at least one of the following requirements:

    • Successful completion of the course "Fundamentals of Corporate Taxation"
    • First practical experience in accounting and/or corporate taxation, e.g. in the form of internships, student employment or vocational training
    • For master's students: accounting major

    We also expect students who, at the time of their application, have only completed the course "Fundamentals of Corporate Taxation" to select a recognizable focus in accounting and/or corporate taxation in subsequent elective courses (or to demonstrate their interest in these topics through practical experience).

    Additional practical experience and/or voluntary work is desirable, but not mandatory for a successful application. It is also desirable if new members have at least one academic year left to complete their studies at the time of application or, in the case of the last bachelor's semester, intend to continue their master's studies at WWU with major accounting.

  • Do I have to apply in German or English?

    Your application documents are welcome in both German and English language. However, please note that CEAT events are regularly held in German. Thus, it is essential that your German language skills are sufficient to successfully participate in our events.

  • When can I apply?

    New CEAT members are accepted at the beginning of each semester. The application period begins in the last month of the previous semester and ends shortly after the start of the respective lecture period. The application period for admission in the winter semester usually runs from the beginning of September to mid-October, and for the summer semester from the beginning of March to mid-April. The binding application deadlines for the current semester can be found in the announcements of dates, which can be found on the IUB homepage.

  • What are my chances of being accepted for CEAT?

    Due to the annually varying number of applications, we cannot provide specific information on the chances of success of your application. In general, approximately 30-35 students participate in the CEAT program each semester; however, the exact number of members varies from semester to semester and therefore constitutes a guideline, not a strict upper or lower limit.

    At the end of the application period, all applications will be individually screened and evaluated by us. We decide on the status of each application based on our assessment of the extent to which the application profile meets the requirements for new CEAT members. There is no legal entitlement to admission to the CEAT program. If your application is rejected, you are invited to re-apply for admission to the CEAT program in the following semester.

  • When will I find out whether my application was successful?

    After the application deadline, we will review all applications as soon as possible. You can usually expect to receive a response within one week after the application deadline. We will contact you via the e-mail address you indicated as "preferred" in your application. Please do not contact us before the end of this week to ask about the status of your application.

  • How long will I remain a member of CEAT?

    If your application is successful, you will be accepted into the CEAT program. As a member of CEAT, you will - in general - have the opportunity to participate in the program for the entire duration of your remaining studies. If you are currently still in your bachelor's studies, you will remain a member of CEAT during your master's studies, provided you decide to take a master's degree at WWU with major accounting.

  • Do I have to re-apply for CEAT every semester?

    No, it is not necessary to re-apply every semester. If you are accepted into CEAT in one semester, you can participate in the program for the entire duration of your remaining studies. Students seeking a gap year between their bachelor's and master's studies do not need to re-apply either, provided that the CEAT coordinators have been informed in advance, if they decide to take a master's program at WWU with major accounting.

  • Can I re-apply for admission to the CEAT program after a rejection?

    Yes, re-application is possible, but only as of the following semester (and during the application period then applicable). A previous rejection will not be interpreted unfavorably for applicants who re-apply.


The CEAT Program

  • What can I expect in the CEAT program?

    CEAT is a program specifically designed for students with a particular interest in accounting and/or corporate taxation. Our goal is therefore to support CEAT participants in these areas. We do this in particular through our numerous CEAT events, where our members have opportunities to develop professionally and personally, gain insights into interesting companies, and network with company representatives in the course of exciting workshops, lectures, and company excursions. In addition, we promote the exchange of experiences among participants, with the institute team, and with our CEAT alumni and alumnae through internal events that aim to support the networking spirit of the CEAT program. You can find an overview of and impressions from past CEAT events (in German language) here.

    As part of the CEAT program you also have the opportunity to join our LinkedIn group CEAT Networking, where you can network with current and former members of CEAT. For internal communication purposes we have also created a Learnweb course in which we keep our members up to date on all planned events, job offers from the institute and our partner companies, and other interesting news. In addition, we will keep you regularly informed about all important matters via e-mail.

    As a participant of the CEAT program, you will also receive a certificate of participation every semester, confirming your successful participation in the CEAT program. At the end of your studies, you will receive a corresponding certificate of completion.

  • How many events take place each semester?

    We aim to organize 5 to 6 CEAT events each semester. These events include workshops, specialist lectures, and company excursions, as well as CEAT-internal events that give our members the opportunity to network with each other, with the institute team and with our CEAT alumni and alumnae. We will inform you in advance via e-mail about the events planned for the respective semester. You can find an overview of and impressions from past CEAT events (in German language) here.

  • Is participation in the events mandatory?

    In principle, we expect the members of our program to regularly participate in the CEAT events. Only through regular participation in the various events is it possible for us to maintain CEAT in line with its basic concept as an active network for students internally and as a platform to network with our partner companies. We make every effort to schedule CEAT events in such a way that they are feasible for as many of our members as possible. In order to enable us and our partner companies to better plan the events, you will be given the opportunity at the beginning of each semester to make a binding registration for the events of that semester. A spontaneous cancellation is only possible in justified exceptional cases. The parallel occurrence of regular study events typically does not constitute such a justified exceptional case.

    Of course, we do not expect our participants to be obliged to attend all events at all times. In order to ensure regular participation, we have introduced the CEAT points system. CEAT members collect a certain number of CEAT points for each event in which they participate (this number can vary from event to event). For each semester, we then define a minimum number of CEAT points that must be achieved in order to remain a member of the CEAT program in the upcoming semester. We will inform you about the number of CEAT points for each event and the minimum number of points required before you register for the events. The minimum number of points will always be achieved by participating in only some of the CEAT events. In justified exceptional cases, it is possible to remain in the program even without achieving the required CEAT points. However, we reserve the right to exclude members from the support program in the future if they do not achieve the minimum score or if they repeatedly fail to attend CEAT events without excuse.

  • Will the CEAT program support me in my search for an internship?

    As part of the CEAT program, we regularly draw our members' attention to specific job offers from our partner companies. In addition, you have the opportunity to proactively reach out to company representatives at our regular CEAT events and in this way to find out about internship opportunities. If you have specific ideas for an internship and need a company contact, we are happy to arrange one for you. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or directly contact Fabian Schmal or Till Münster.

  • Can I remain a member of CEAT during my semester abroad?

    Yes, you can remain a member of the CEAT program during your semester abroad. Of course, we do not expect you to actively participate in the various CEAT events during this period. We will discontinue the CEAT points system for you during this period.

    However, if we offer one or more digital events in the semester in question, you are very welcome to register for these events from abroad (without the obligation to do so).

  • I intend to do a gap year between my bachelor's and master's studies. Do I have to re-apply for CEAT at the beginning of my master's program?

    Students who were already accepted into CEAT during their bachelor's studies can be re-admitted to CEAT for the duration of their master's studies without a new application. However, a prerequisite for re-entry into the program is that the master's program is completed at WWU with accounting major.

    If you wish to remain part of the CEAT program, please inform us at the end of your bachelor's studies that you will be taking a gap year and therefore cannot participate in the CEAT program. You will then be subject to the same conditions as students who spend a semester abroad. If we offer one or more digital courses during the relevant period, you are welcome to register for these courses (without the obligation to do so).

  • Can I be a member of other honors programs besides CEAT?

    Yes, admission to the CEAT program is also possible if you are already participating in the honors program of other chairs and institutes or are planning to do so in future semesters. Also, being a member of CEAT does not interfere with receiving scholarships. However, we expect our members to regularly participate in the various events organized within CEAT to ensure that the program is a success for everyone involved. The CEAT points required to remain in the program in the respective semester will not be reduced if there is any overlap with events in other honors programs.


After Graduation

  • My studies will end soon. How do I get a certificate of completion?

    In order to receive a final certificate confirming your successful participation in the CEAT program, all we need from you is the information that your studies have ended. To do so, please feel free to send us an e-mail. You will then receive your certificate of completion as soon as possible via mail to the address you have provided us with. If your address has changed or you would like to receive your final certificate digitally, please let us know in your e-mail. In order to maintain contact with us after the end of your studies, please also let us know your private e-mail address.

  • How can I stay in contact with CEAT after finishing my studies?

    We look forward to remaining networked with our CEAT members even after they have completed their studies. When applying for your certificate of successful participation in the CEAT program, you are therefore welcome to provide us with your private e-mail address so that we can send you our annual IUB annual newsletter. Hereby, we will keep you informed about all important developments at the institute.

    Furthermore, we look forward to staying in contact with you via Xing or LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, we invite you to join the CEAT Networking group, which gives you the chance to network with current and former members of CEAT and stay informed about the latest developments within the program.

  • How does CEAT help me start my career?

    We are happy to support CEAT members whose studies are nearing their end or have already ended in their search for a suitable career start. We look forward to introducing you to one or several of our practice partners in line with your individual interests and goals. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or directly contact either Fabian Schmal or Till Münster. In addition, we recommend that you use our LinkedIn group CEAT Networking to network with other alumni and alumnae of the CEAT program and thus familiarize yourself with other exciting career opportunities.

    Moreover, the Institute of Accounting and Taxation regularly offers positions for research assistants (PhD students). Please contact us if you are interested. To do so, feel free to send us an e-mail or contact one of the IUB staff members directly.

    Finally, we regularly point out current job offers of our practice partners on our website. You can find current offers (in German language) here.