Circle of Excellence in Accounting and Taxation: Honors Program for Students

The Circle of Excellence in Accounting and Taxation (CEAT) is the honors program of the Institute of Accounting and Taxation. The program is aimed at WWU bachelor and master students with a particular focus on topics of accounting and taxation. Members of CEAT are characterized by a committed personality and show exceptional academic success.

CEAT members benefit from interesting business contacts, active communication with Institute staff, and networking within the program. Members are offered various opportunities to participate in workshops, specialist lectures, study trips, and other events in professional and personal settings. Informal gatherings provide further professional orientation for students and promote experience exchange and networking among active members, with alumni, and with company representatives.

Applications are very welcome! New CEAT members are accepted at the beginning of each semester. You can find further information about how to apply in the FAQ section. For further insights into the CEAT program, please take a look at the experience reports of current and previous CEAT members and the overview of past events.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding the CEAT program. Just send us an e-mail or contact Till Münster.