Advanced Sustainable Finance - Vorlesung (SoSe 2023)

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Monday 14:00- 16:00 weekly 22.05.2023- 10.07.2023 Juridicum, JUR 490
Thursday 08:00- 10:00 weekly 25.05.2023- 13.07.2023 Juridicum, JUR 490


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This class will be replaced by the class Advanced Sustainable Finance. The class Advanced Sustainable Finance focuses on the financial implications of the sustainable performance of firms. It centers around the question whether and how companies can act sustainably while maximizing shareholder value. We start by analyzing how corporate sustainability is defined and can be measured, and then link a firm’s environmental performance to its financial performance. Corporate sustainable behavior can be linked to a firm’s profitability because it affects costs and revenues. Further, recent evidence shows that sustainability has an impact on the cost of debt and equity. Within this part of the class, we also discuss Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and the implications of issuing green bonds.
Last but not least, we analyze whether and how corporate managers can be incentivized to make firms more sustainable and how shareholders can actively promote sustainability.



Tricker, Bob (2015), Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies and Practices, Third Edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press

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  • Prof. Dr. Nadja Guenster (responsible)
  • Christoph Domnick (accompanying)