Research profile Interdisciplinary Economics

The Center for Interdisciplinary Economics (Centrum für Interdisziplinäre Wirtschaftsforschung, CIW)seeks to bridge the research gap between economics and the social sciences. It applies theoretical and empirical methods of economic research to socio-scientific and socio-political issues with the focus on political science, sociology and law. In addition, the CIW uses methods from social science to analyse economic questions, particularly with regards to economic ethics. In practice, the units of the CIW concentrate on the following research areas:

Institute of Economic Education

  • Economic education and economics of education
  • Economic and political institutions
  • Normative economics and economic ethics

Institute for Organisational Economics

  • Corporate governance
  • Higher education management
  • Sports economics
  • Economic and business ethics

Chair of Political Economy

  • Economic analysis of democracies and autocracies
  • Political and economic institutions and economic prosperity
  • Political institutions, public control of politics and political stability
  • Regime changes, political unrest and economic development