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Dear students,

below we have compiled the most important and frequently asked questions for you at a glance.

Have a look at this FAQ list first. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you personally. Just get in touch with us.

Application for exchange spots of the School of Business and Economics is only possible for students of our faculty. Unfortunately, applications from other subjects are not possible.

  • Application for an exchange spot at a partner university of the SBE

    When should I apply and how much lead time should I plan ?

    In general, you should start planning your stay abroad at least ten months in advance. Bachelor students are recommended to spend their 5th semester abroad. They must have completed at least three semesters at University of Münster before starting the semester abroad. Master students are recommended a stay abroad in their 3rd Master semester.

    You should also consider the necessary lead time to attain a language certificate. More information about the language certificates can be found here.


    What choices of partner universities do I have? Where can I find relevant information about partner universities ?

    All partner universities can be found in the overview of all partner universities. You can filter the list by subject, Bachelor and Master. You may only apply for universities that are open for your subject and degree combination, i.e. have an "x" in the respective column. For students who are planning a semester abroad in the summer semester, it is important to ask the IRC in advance whether there are capacities available for the respective partner universities.

    You can find an authentic impression of a semester abroad at the respective partner universities in the experience reports of former exchange students.

    Visit our annual fair "Wege ins Ausland". Here you can talk personally to our staff and also make contact with students from our partner universities who are currently spending their semester abroad in Münster, as well as students from Münster who have already spent a semester abroad.


    What should I pay additional attention to when choosing a partner university ?

    In addition to personal preferences regarding the country, the city, etc., you should also pay attention to the language of instruction, accreditation opportunities for the courses in Münster in the respective semester, and semester times (possible overlaps with the semester in Münster).

    Can there be an overlap in the semester times? What should I bear in mind ?

    Overlapping semester times are possible. In this case, you must decide for yourself whether the semester abroad at this partner university still fits in with your course of study. For example, it may not be possible to write exams in Münster in the regular exam phase of the previous semester. However, it may well be the case that the semester at the host university ends before the early written exam phase in Münster.


    What are my personal chances of actually getting my (first) choice?

    The demand can be high - but the places are unfortunately limited.

    The chances related to a certain university unfortunately change with each application phase. Therefore, a prediction is hardly possible.
    There is a trend that Scandinavian universities are very popular, and this will probably remain so. Western Europe has also always been very popular. The eastern part of Europe, on the other hand, still seems to have many untapped opportunities.
    The total number of applicants also varies from phase to phase, making it difficult to recommend the respective summer or winter term. The results of the last selection round are available online. Here you can get an overview subdivided by countries of how many students applied in the last phase for how many places in the respective countries.

    We have created the possibility for you to apply for 5 different partner universities and try to assign you to your highest priority. Take advantage of this opportunity. Also pay attention to the quality of your application and submit all documents completely.


    Can I go to another university than the partner universities?

    This is possible. You are then considered a Freemover: you take care of the organization yourself and pay the tuition fees. It is usually possible to get your courses accredited, but this should be checked beforehand. Also see the FAQs in the "Freemover" section.


    When can I apply for a place at a partner university?

    An application for a semester abroad via one of the faculty's programs is possible twice a year. The current application deadlines can be found on the Application page under Application deadlines. 

    If you are applying for the summer semester, please check whether your desired partner universities are still available within the framework of the exchange quotas for the academic year, see also the page Partner Universities of the School of Business and Economics.


    How does the application process work?

    1) In the first step, an application is sent via the application platform.

    2) In the second step you print out the application documents and submit them informally. You can choose from the following options:

             (a) Letter box Krummer Timpen/Deans Office (b) Via mail to IRC attn: Ms. Fischer.


    Which documents do I have to hand in?

    Printout of the online profile page (see link below); Abitur certificate; overview of grades incl. average grade; if applicable Bachelor's certificate; CV with photo; if applicable language certificates; if applicable other certificates (internships, voluntary work, training, jobs); up to five motivation letters (see below for this point).

    Ensure that all documents are complete and references for all honorary positions/internships etc. are provided.


    What should the content in the letter of motivation be?

    The letter of motivation for each university (including the name of the university and rank) includes MAX. one page.

    It includes personal (40%) and academic (60%) motivation. For your personal motivation, explain why you want to study abroad for a semester and why you are interested in this partner university, this country/city. The part on your academic motivation should demonstrate that you have familiarized yourself with the profile of the host university and examined the academic fit. Furthermore, you should show that the semester abroad fits into your study plan at the University of Münster and also state what links there are to your main areas of study or your career choice, which courses you would like to attend and for what reason, and whether a credit transfer has already been successful in previous years.


    How decisive is the allocation of priorities for the allocation of an exchange spot?

    The indication of the priority is not considered as a selection criterion. A priority higher than the priority of your competitors will only be decisive if your application and that of the competitor are completely equivalent. The case is very unlikely. It therefore makes sense to assign priorities in descending order according to your actual prioritisation.


    In which language should the documents be submitted?

    If you are applying for an English language program, please submit your CV and letter of motivation in English. The rest of the documents can be submitted in German. For programs in other languages, you can decide whether to submit your letter of motivation in English or German.


    Do copies need to be certified?



    Do Bachelor students have to have completed all their first year's courses at the beginning of the semester abroad? Can I apply if I have not yet completed all of the courses?

    You can apply if you have not yet completed all the coursework from the first year of study, but have completed at least three semesters. PO2018: At the beginning of the semester abroad, however, you should already have completed all the coursework from the first two semesters so that you can take courses from the 5th or 6th semester (especially compulsory elective modules) during the semester abroad and receive credit for them. PO2022 (BWL, VWL, WI): You should have completed most of the coursework from the first year of study, but it is essential that you have at least 60 ECTS credits before the start of the semester abroad.


    How can I prove my language skills? Do I have to take a TOEFL test?

    A TOEFL test is not mandatory for all host universities. Please have a look at the overview of all partner universities. In the column "TOEFL (specific language or other requirements)" you can see which proof of language proficiency is required. If this column is empty, no proof of language is required. If the equivalent to TOEFL/IELTS is not specified in the table, then one of the following certificates is valid as equivalent: Cambridge Certificate (Certificate in Advanced English, Certificate of Proficiency in English), English Advanced Course in Abitur (Leistungskurs), Bachelor's or Master's degree (Major) 100% in English, DAAD Language Certificate B2/C1, UniCert II/B2-III/C1 (B2=TOEFL 71-84; C1=TOEFL 85-100). Most partner universities publish the list of all equivalents on their homepage in the "language requirements" section. The IRC makes every effort to keep the information about the partner universities as up-to-date as possible, but does not claim the information to be complete.


    Do I need a letter of recommendation for my application?

    For some partner universities you need a letter of recommendation from a lecturer. This letter will only be required after acceptance for an exchange spot.


    When will I receive feedback on my application?

    In winter (application for the winter semester) you can expect feedback 7-8 weeks after the application deadline. In the summer (application for the summer semester), you will receive feedback approximately 4 weeks after the application deadline.


    I didn't get an approval to any of the partner universities. What now?

    We are sorry that it didn't work out this time. You are welcome to apply for the following semester. Freemover offers (see also FAQs in the area "Freemover") might also be taken into consideration.

    And a suggestion at this point: Experience abroad can also be gained very well in a Summer or Winter School at one of our partner universities. Take a look at the offers on our website in the section Summer & Winter Schools.


    Can I get multiple approvals to different partner universities?



    I'm unhappy with the partner university I got approved for. Is there anything I can do?

    You do not need to accept the spot. Due to organizational and fairness reasons, a new election is unfortunately no longer possible.

  • Financing

    What kind of financial support is available?

    On our website we have put together numerous funding opportunities for you. These include, for example, ERASMUS+ for a stay in EU countries or the PROMOS scholarship in non-European countries. Furthermore, higher limits apply for the "Auslands-BAföG" than for the regular BAföG, so that this possibility might also be interesting for students who are not eligible for BAföG during their studies in Germany.


    Is everyone supported by ERASMUS+?

    All students who have been assigned a spot at one of our partner universities in an ERASMUS country by the IRC also receive an ERASMUS grant.


    Can I also be supported in the Master's programme via ERASMUS+ if I have already been supported in the Bachelor's programme?

    Yes, a second grant is possible. Up to 12 month in each study programme can be finanzed.


    What do I have to consider regarding the ERASMUS grant?

    Prerequisites are that you are enrolled at the University of Münster, have already studied here for at least one year and meet the language requirements for your host country (at least level B1).


    How long is ERASMUS funding period?

    Erasmus funding is usually granted for a period of 4 months/120 days per semester abroad.


    How much grant will I receive from the ERASMUS grant?

    The ERASMUS mobility grant depends on the country in which you spend your semester abroad. For this purpose, the countries are divided into 3 country groups according to which the grant is based. For example, you will receive less funding in a country with a lower cost of living than in a country with a higher cost of living. You can find out which country is assigned to which country group and how much the monthly grant is here.


    Can I apply for special ERASMUS funding?

    Special funding is possible under certain conditions. For example, students with a disability (from GdB 20), a chronic illness or students with children can receive such special funding. Students who come from a non-academic family are also eligible for special funding. The special grant can be seen as a top-up to the regular ERASMUS grant and amounts to €250 per month. Further information can be found here.


    When will the ERASMUS grant be paid out?

    Part of the grant will be paid into the account at the beginning of the semester abroad, the remaining grant will be paid out after completion of the semester abroad and after submission of all required documents.


    Is it possible to finance tuition fees by BAföG?

    In addition to monthly BAföG payments, tuition fees of up to €4,600 per year can be reimbursed. These fees do not have to be repaid.


    Do I automatically receive a PROMOS scholarship?

    No, an assigned spot at one of our partner universities outside of Europe does not include PROMOS funding at the same time. You must apply separately for funding via the International Office of the University of Münster. More information can be found here.

  • After approval by the IRC and before the start of the semester abroad

    I have received the approval for a spot at a partner university from the IRC. Should I book flights and a room now? Can I register for the dormitory now?

    Absolutely not! These are exceptions, but basically nothing is valid until you get the "final confirmation" by the partner university. Wait until then to take care of the accommodation, the flight etc..

    The registration for a dormitory can only take place after the nomination. You will be informed about a successful nomination either by Ms. Fischer or by the host university.


    When will I receive the final confirmation from the host university?

    This depends on the partner university. Have a look at the reports of former exchange students for orientation. They usually include a rough time schedule until the start of the semester abroad.


    I have received approval by the IRC and the partner university: What do I do now?

    Book flights, look for accommodation, have forms ready, deal with administrative procedure, vaccinations, insurance, ...


    My host university requires a proof of language proficiency/nomination confirmation. Where can I get it?

    You will receive these documents from Ms. Fischer. Please contact her via Email.


    Who is my contact person on the subject of credit transfer?

    You can find the contact persons responsible for you here.


    Which courses can I get accredited?

    Courses can only be accredited if they are not equivalent in content to courses already completed in Münster. A list of all courses that have already been accredited can be found here. In order to check the creditability of a certain course, please contact your responsible contact person.


    What is the procedure for the eligibility check for courses that have never been accredited before?

    You send the following information about the corresponding course to your contact person:

    • Details of your degree program and examination regulations
    • Which course is selected?
    • For which module should it be accredited?
    • Detailed current course descriptions in the original as PDF document or hyperlink (structure, syllabus, etc.).

    Please note that you may be required to translate descriptions that are not in German or English, and please talk to your contact person about this.

    After positive feedback from the accreditation officer, transfer the course to your application for credit transfer eligibility before the stay abroad and have it signed by the accreditation officer.


    Is it necessary to check the eligibility of courses and list them in the application that are in the list of courses that have already been accredited before?

    Absolutely! Otherwise, a credit transfer is not possible.


    I'd like to apply for a semester on leave of absence. What do I have to consider? Will my courses from abroad still be accredited?

    The application for leave of absence is made in writing or in person after re-registration and can be submitted up to the last day before the start of lectures. Courses from abroad can still be accredited. Please note that you will not be able to take any examinations at University of Münster during this semester. Since the semesters at universities abroad often end earlier, some students may want to take exams or write their thesis and refrain from taking leave of absence.


    What are the advantages of a leave of absence for the semester abroad?

    The corresponding semester is not counted towards the duration of study and there is an exemption from the semester fee (however, you will also not get a semester ticket for the leave semester).


    Where can I find the semester times for my host university?

    The semester times of the host universities are listed in our overview of partner universities. We make every effort to keep this information up to date. In addition, you should inform yourself on the website of the partner university and consider possible introduction days in your planning. A look at the experience reports is often helpful in this respect.

  • During the semester abroad

    What happens if a course selected by me is cancelled?

    There are cases where a course is cancelled. This is unfortunate, but usually not a major problem. Pick a new course and clarify this change with the responsible person in charge of credit transfer and submit a new credit transfer application.


    I'd like to change a course while I'm abroad. How can I do that?

    A change of course is possible and does not require a separate explanation. However, you must check any changes to your credit transfer with the responsible credit transfer officer and submit a new credit transfer application to the responsible contact person.


    Can I take exams in Münster?

    If you have not applied for a leave of absence semester, this is possible. It is often a good idea to write your thesis directly after the semester abroad. Tip: Create a calendar entry so that you don't miss the registration deadlines for examinations and thesis during the semester abroad - you often forget the time during your semester abroad.


    Is it possible to extend the stay abroad by one semester?

    From University of Münster's point of view, it is generally possible to extend your stay abroad. IRC will generally not nominate you again at the partner university. You have to take care of an extension of your study time at your host university yourself. Please also note the maximum number of creditable LPs (Bachelor usually 60, Master depending on Major).


    Do I have to take care of any signatures on forms etc. during the semester abroad?

    Yes, for ERASMUS funding you must have the Arrival Date confirmed in the data sheet immediately after arrival and have the Learning Agreement signed by the guest coordinator. Shortly before departure, have the data sheet (Departure Date) signed again by the coordinator. Course changes must also be recorded in the Learning Agreement.

  • After the semester abroad

    How do I get my transcript of records of the host university?

    Your transcript of records is usually sent to Ms. Fischer. You will then be informed by e-mail. The process can take several months.


    I received my e-transcript. Is that sufficient to take care of my credit transfer?

    You must ensure that Ms. Fischer has also received the transcript from the host university. Only then can your ToR be verified to the examination office. Without this verification step the accrediting is not possible.


    What do I have to do to get my courses from abroad accredited in Münster?

    Please take a look at the Recognition page under Milestone 4.


    Is there a deadline for the credit transfer?

    No. However, your achievements will be credited for the semester in which you submitted the "Application for credit transfer". This can lead to you studying one semester longer if you do not submit the application to the Examination Office before the end of the semester.


    What’s the deadline for submitting the report?

    By 1 March (winter term) or 1 August (summer term) at the latest.


    We were at the same partner university with several students - can we write a joint report?



    What documents do I have to submit for my ERASMUS+ grant?

    After your return to Münster, please submit the original data sheet and the Learning Agreement (ONLY the sections "Before the Mobility" and "During the Mobility") and a copy of the Transcript of Records and the Flexnow/QUISPOS printout with the note "credited" to Ms. Afhüppe in the International Office, Schlossgarten 3.


    What is the deadline for submission of the documents for my ERASMUS grant?

    Please submit the Learning Agreement and the Data Sheet within one month after the end of your studies abroad (Departure Date in Data Sheet). Please submit the Transcript of Records and the Flexnow/QUISPOS printout after accreditation.


    Which documents do I have to submit for my PROMOS grant?

    A data sheet or an adequate certificate of enrolment with the exact dates of the arrival and departure dates must be submitted in its original form to the International Office.


    What is the deadline for submission of the documents for my PROMOS grant?

    Please submit the documents to the International Office unsolicited and immediately after the end of your stay abroad.


    I did not receive a grant, do I still have to submit documents?

    Yes, within one month after the semester abroad you have to submit your Learning Agreement including changes to Ms. Fischer (by e-mail).

  • Freemover

    Are there any organisations that support me in my plans of going abroad?

    There are several organisations outside the university that support you during your stay abroad. You can find them quickly on the Internet.


    Can I also complete a semester abroad without an official organisation?

    This is also possible. However, more planning effort and a lot more initiative are required.


    What about the credit transfer of courses?

    It is possible to transfer credits for courses; you can find more information on this here, including contact persons and applications. If courses at the partner university in question have never been recognized, an application for general recognition of courses must be submitted (see Milestone 1). You can find an overview of universities whose courses have already been recognized (see Milestone 2). If you are going to one of our partner universities as a freemover, the same rules apply for credit transfer as for students who have been nominated by the IRC (in this case, ignore milestone 1 and start directly with milestone 2).

    For the course registration, Learning Agreement etc. at the host university, I need the signature of an "Institutional" and/or "Departmental Coordinator". Where can I find these people?

    The "Departmental Coordinator" is the student mobility coordinator of the School of Business and Economics, Laila Fischer. She is responsible for organizational issues relating to semesters abroad (except credit transfer).   

    "Institutional Coordinator" is the student mobility coordinator of the University of Münster Petra Hille.


    Can I also get a grant (ERASMUS+/PROMOS) from the university as a freemover?

    Unfortunately, ERASMUS/PROMOS funding is not possible in this case.


    What requirements do I have to fulfill as a freemover at the university?

    None. If you go abroad as a freemover, you are responsible for planning and carrying out your semester abroad. However, if you want to have courses from abroad recognized, you should take care of this in advance to ensure that the courses are recognized

You did not find an answer to your question? Then please contact Laila Fischer.