Ways of funding

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A semester abroad usually represents an additional financial burden. There will be travel costs and study fees if you go abroad as a so-called free mover. The lease cost and cost of living is often higher in the host country than in Germany. The easiest way to spend a semester abroad is to take part in an exchange programme of the University of Münster School of Business & Economics or the WWU. This way you do not have to pay any tuition/enrolment fees or these can be greatly reduced. 

Here you will find a selection of grants and scholarships.

Double funding of ERASMUS+

Since the winter semester 2014-2015, the new generation of European education and cooperation programmes has been known by the name of ERASMUS+. The most significant innovation is the double funding of students. Students who already received ERASMUS funding during their Bachelor’s degree course can apply a second time, e.g. during their Master’s degree course or their doctoral studies. The period which was funded under the former LLP ERASMUS programme is to be included in the possible total period of funding of 12 months per study period (source: „Erasmus+ Programme Guide“, page 37, footnote 9).


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides means of funding sojourns abroad for German students within the scope of the mobility programme PROMOS. As a matter of principle study-related projects may be funded world-wide. The funding will be granted for a maximum of six months. Applications should be submitted centrally via the International Office of the University of Münster. You will find detailed information on the individual advertisements here (german).

For budgetary reasons, the University of Münster School of Business & Economics limits the granting of scholarships to one line of the PROMOS programme only. The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The sojourn abroad is intended for studying (duration: 1 semester or 1 term) and taking courses at the partner institution.
  • The host institution is a partner university outside Europe.

Students who have previously not been granted a scholarship will be treated preferentially when allocating the place.

If you are studying at a faculty partner university, scholarships will be granted from the PROMOS faculty budget. Scholarships for studies within the scope of university twinning will be funded by the PROMOS budget of the central International Office.

If you have any further questions, please contact the faculty's Outgoing coordinator.

Grant for studying abroad (Auslands-BAFöG)

Analogous to the student loan for studying within Germany according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (Inlands-BAFöG), the grant for studying abroad according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (Auslands-BAFöG) depends on the financial circumstances of the parents. However, in case of studying abroad the threshold for receiving a grant is higher, so you may receive a grant even if you are not eligible for the general student loan according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAFöG). You are eligible for support if you fulfil the following requirements:

  • As free mover you must have studied in Germany for at least one academic year (this does not apply to exchange programmes).
  • You must spend at least three months at the host university if you go abroad as an intern or an exchange student, and at least six months if you arrange your study abroad yourself.
  • You must provide proof of sufficient knowledge of the language of the country or the language of instruction.

Overseas allowance for countries outside the EU

If you would like to stay abroad in countries outside the EU, the student loan according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (Inlands-BAföG) will be raised by an overseas allowance that amounts to a sum between 60 and 450 euros depending on the host country. This allowance does not need to be paid back. Furthermore, tuition fees up to 4,600 euros per year will be reimbursed as well as a travel allowance and an extra payment to an overseas health insurance that might be necessary. In case of sojourns within countries of the EU, only the tuition fees, travel costs and health insurance will be subsidised, overseas allowances will not be paid.

How to apply

For every destination there is a different BAFöG office responsible in Germany to which you will have to submit your application for Auslands-BAföG. If you want to make sure that you will receive funding from the very first month abroad, you must apply for the grant at least six months before you commence your studies abroad. As it is often not possible to have all documents ready six months before you commence your studies abroad, it is hardly feasible to submit the application in time. So of course you may hand in your application later, but, owing to the considerably long processing time, be aware that the funding may also commence later. You will, however, receive the grant for those months you have already been abroad as an extra payment. The websites of the BAföG offices provide more information.


Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford 2017

For further information please click on this link [Flyer Rhodes Stipendium 2017] (German).


Scholarships for POLAND

Current offers include

  • scholarships for purposes of study and research (1-9 months),
  • short-time scholarships (1-3 months), and
  • scholarships for language courses.

Details are provided on the websites of http://www.daad.pl/de/  and  www.buwiwm.edu.pl.


DAAD scholarships for a full academic year

The largest institution for granting foreign exchange scholarships is the Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD). The DAAD is a joint institution of German universities and supports international academic relationships through the exchange of students and scholars as well as international programmes and projects. On the DAAD website there is a scholarship data base.

Scholarships for a full academic year

The best known scholarships for German students are the scholarships for a full academic year. In addition there is a number of special programmes depending on subject, academic qualification and destination. You will find an overview of all DAAD scholarships in the brochure “Studium, Forschung, Lehre im Ausland. Fördermöglichkeiten für Deutsche” (Studying, researching, teaching abroad. Ways of funding for Germans) which is published annually. This brochure may be obtained from the International Office of the WWU free of charge.

The scholarships are granted depending on individual qualifications and academic performance and are predominately financed by means of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In order for your DAAD application to be successful, you should be able to prove good academic achievements and above all, a very good presentation of your study plans and your personal motivation. You may compensate for average academic achievements with a particularly diligent and coherent preparation of your study project. Social and socio-political engagement is also a factor that has a positive influence on your application. Please do not be put off by this bleak outlook on the success of your application: the decisive factor is the quality of your application, your personal motivation and your preparation! You will find more information on studying abroad on the DAAD website.


China-Scholarship-Program of the Studienstiftung and the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung

For 10 participants, this scholarship aims at providing language skills as well as a study visit and internship in the People's Republic of China from September 2017/18 on.  Further information can be found on the website www.studienstiftung.de/china and in this German flyer Flyer.

Application deadline is April 30, 2016.


Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program (USA)

Fulbright grants are open to students of all faculties. However, restrictions or specific requirements apply to the degree courses of medicine, law and Master of Business Administration.

Applications must be submitted online and in hard copy. Students who are enrolled at the WWU at the time of application are asked to submit their application at the International Office for the attention of Petra Hille. Graduates and applicants who study abroad and are no longer enrolled at the WWU must send their application directly to the Fulbright Commission in Berlin.

The Fulbright Commission has extended the programme: apart from the grants for full academic years for at least two semesters, it also advertises scholarships to complete a full Master's degree in the US (up to two years) for students and graduates of a German university. The closing date for application is June 20th 2017 (with the postmark as proof of the date of posting). All information and various templates are available on the Fulbright website.

For further information regarding contents, please contact

Prof. Dr. Heike Bungert
WWU Münster/Historisches Seminar
Domplatz 20-22, 48145 Münster


Scholarships to AUSTRALIA an NEW-ZEALAND

GOSTRALIA! RESEARCH CENTRE (GRC): PhD at the University of Adelaide
- Start between August and September 2017, for 6 Semesters
- Full Tuition Fees + Living expenses
- Deadline: July 31st 2017
More info are available in German  here.
Institut Ranke-Heinemann
For more information in German please look at this  Flyer.


Faculty grants

The University of Münster School of Business & Economics and the international management consulting firm Oliver Wyman have agreed on an extensive cooperation in terms of scholarships. Excellent students who have been allocated a place at a university abroad may be supported by the high potentials support programme “Oliver Wyman Fellows”. Free movers are more than welcome to apply.

The scholarship programme aims at all students of Economics at the WWU who have completed their third semester successfully. The criteria for selection are personality, general education and academic performance. In addition to that communication skills and social engagement are also evaluated. The number of scholarships is not limited and depends on the number of qualified applications.

The material support consists of a Tablet (iPad mini), an allowance for travel expenses amounting to 500 euros and a subscription of “The Economist” for one year. In addition to that the “Oliver Wyman Fellows” programme thrives on its immaterial component: each fellow has his or her personal career mentor and is invited to a farewell appointment at the Oliver Wyman office in Munich or Frankfurt. The package also includes an internship. The fellow may take up this internship any time once s/he has returned.

Application and application deadlines:

There are no official application dates. You can apply for a grant anytime, at the latest three months before leaving. Apply online sending your full application documents (covering letter, curriculum vitae, your “Abitur” certificate/university entrance qualification, university certificate, letter(s) of reference of internships as well as all further academic and practical certificates) on the homepage of Oliver Wyman. If you have any questions, please write directly to recruiting.germany@oliverwyman.com. More information on the programme and the application process can be found here.

Students going abroad via one of the faculty's programmes need a letter confirming their place at the exchange university. Students going abroad as free movers need a letter of admission or similar of the host university. This letter must be submitted together with the application.

Marketing Alumni

Every semester, Marketing Alumni Münster e. V. provides one grant for one sojourn abroad. Any student of the Master's degree course of Business Studies majoring in Marketing is eligible for funding. The grant sum amounts to 500 euros. Applications must be directed to Marketing Alumni Münster e. V. who will then select the candidate. The closing date for applications is 15 February (summer semester) and 15 August (winter semester), respectively.

You will find further details in this flyer (in German).