A study visit abroad is not only a good opportunity to extend subject-specific skills and linguistic proficiency, it also offers a major chance of personal development. Valuable insights are gained by a different perspective of the field of study, a different cultural system and a large number of new contacts. Moreover, the most important key qualifications that companies want, such as the ability to communicate and work in a team, self-reliance and adaptability, may be acquired and developed on a sojourn abroad.

As a semester abroad is integrated as part of the curriculum, credits from our partner institutions can be directly transferred to your studies in Münster. And even if your studies may possibly take a semester longer due to a sojourn abroad or an internship: most companies indeed appreciate the experience thus gained. Still, good planning in advance is essential. You might therefore wish to give thought to whether you consider a sojourn abroad a possibility for you right at the beginning of your studies.