General information


  • How do I plan my course of study?

    Every student is advised to follow the study plan. This applies equally to students who begin their studies in the summer semester. In this case, only the sequence of semesters per academic year changes:

    1st year: semester 2, semester 1

    2nd year: semester 4, semester 3

    3rd year: Semester 6, Semester 5

    Please note: In order to receive positive confirmation from the examination office for the certificate according to § 48 BAföG, the first year of study must be completely finished at the end of the 4th semester. You can find more information about BAföG here.

  • Is there a mandatory internship during your studies?

    The examination regulations for the Bachelor's program in Economics at WWU Münster do not stipulate any mandatory internships. However, we strongly recommend that our students complete internships. The examination office issues letters of recommendation in this regard.

  • At what times are exams scheduled?

    Examinations in the Bachelor's program in Business Administration are usually offered at two points in time: "regularly" at the end of a semester and "early" in the middle (WiSe: before Christmas, SoSe: Whitsun vacations) of the following semester. Occasionally, examinations are also offered during the "early" examination phase of the respective semester. This is especially true if a course is only read in the first half of the semester (in the 1st term). Both the regular and the early exam phase can be used to meet the study plan.

  • How do I plan for the next semester if I fail an exam?

    As a rule, failed exams of the regular exam period (WiSe: January/February, SoSe: July/August) can be repeated in the following early exam period (see above). Examinations written directly in the early examination period are usually repeated in the following semester. Please contact the examination office for any exceptions. Both the regular and the early exam phase can be used to meet the study schedule.

  • Is there a date by which a certain number of credit points must be fulfilled?

    A prerequisite for the start of the third year of study is that the courses of the first year of study have all been successfully passed. The only exceptions to this rule are courses taken during a semester abroad. In order to register for the Bachelor's thesis, at least 90 credit points must already have been earned.


Economics elective modules

  • Which Economics elective modules can I choose in the third year of study?

    An overview of the Economics elective modules can be found in the Course Catalog.

    For a detailed description of the individual modules, please refer to the module compendium.


Business Administration elective modules

  • Which Business Administration elective modules can I choose in the third year of study?

    In the Economics Bachelor's program, two Business Administration elective modules must be taken. An overview of the Economics elective modules can be found in the corresponding Course Catalog and module compendium.


Bachelor thesis

  • When do I have to register for the bachelor thesis?

    All information about registration and collection of the Bachelor thesis topic can be found here..

  • Does the bachelor thesis have to be written in the sixth semester?

    According to the examination regulations, the Bachelor thesis may be written once 90 ECTS have been achieved. In addition, at least one seminar must have been completed. Although it is recommended to write the thesis during the 6th semester (start of study in winter semester) or 5th semester (start of study in summer semester), this is not mandatory. The thesis can also be written during the lecture-free period. Please always include the correction time for the Bachelor thesis in your time planning.

  • How long does the evaluation of the bachelor thesis take?

    The evaluation process for the bachelor's thesis should not exceed three months.


Recognition of courses taken abroad

  • What do I have to consider when taking courses abroad for credit?

    You can find all important information about foreign credit recognition here.here.

  • What documents are needed to check creditability for courses to be taken abroad?

    You can find the necessary information  here.

  • Who do I have to contact if I want to receive credit for an examination abroad?

    You can find all information on foreign credit here.Please note that credits for exams completed in a semester abroad are awarded without a grade.

  • Is it possible to write exams in Münster after the semester abroad?

    Yes, this is possible. However, the prerequisite is that no semester of leave has been taken at WWU Münster. Taking repeat exams is usually also possible in a semester of leave (please contact the Examinations Office about the regulations in this regard).


Change of study location and study program

  • I would like to switch from another university to WWU Münster. What do I have to consider?

    You can find all the important information about changing your place of study here.

  • Is it possible to change the study program within the WWU, e.g. from Economics to Business Administration?

    In principle, changes of study program are possible. If you want to apply for the 1st semester of Business Administration, please refer to the information for applicants. If you want to apply for a higher semester, please note that the Bachelor's program in Business Administration at WWU is also subject to admission restrictions for applications for a higher semester. The semester for which you can apply depends on the placement certificate issued by the Examination Office of the Faculty of Economic Sciences (Prüfungsamt). You can find out about this directly from the Examination Office.



  • I am interested in the bachelor's program in business administration at WWU. Who can I contact for personal advice?

    Students and others interested in studying at the WWU Münster can contact the following e-mail address: studienfachberatung@wiwi.uni-muenster.de.

  • I am enrolled in the Economics Bachelor program at WWU, who can I contact for personal advice?

    You have:

    • Questions about the current course offerings?
    • Questions about the course of your studies?
    • Questions about the module Key Qualifications?
    • Further questions about your business studies at WWU?

    Then please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or in person.