WS 2019/20

WELCOME @ SBE for the Winter Semester 2019/2020

  • Academic Calendar

    For an up-to-date calendar, including holidays, please visit the university's calendar website. Each winter/fall-semester consists of two periods: Term I and Term II. Accordingly, we differentiate between courses taking place during the whole semester (=regular courses), and courses taking place either in Term I or Term II. 




  • Learning Agreement / Study Plan

    In order to have a productive yet comfortable study period during the exchange, it is advised to take a look at our School's course offerings and prepare an according personal study plan. Definite course offerings for WS 2019/20 will only be available approximately two weeks before the start of the semester. However, as we do not expect major changes in course offerings for WS 2019/20 compared to WS 2018/19, the course offerings and descriptions of WS18/19 are a good basis for preparing the personal study plan.
    >> The ERASMUS Learning Agreement (LA)
    For ERASMUS students, this study plan is called Learning Agreement (LA) - which consists of three sections: Before, During and After the Mobility. After consultation with the home coordinator, it is possible to change the LA at all times during the semester but the home coordinator's approval is always required. Important:
    If your University does not use electronic LAs anyway: Due to environmental reasons, we appreciate the LA to be sent via e-mail.
    >> Preliminary Course Offerings
    The most important source regarding courses is the Online Course Catalogue, displaying all offered courses and up-to-date schedules. Information on contents and knowledge requirements are to be found in the Course Descriptions [see below in section "Course Offerings"]. In due time after the official registration, students will also get access to the additional websites LEARNWEB (course material) and FLEXNOW (exam registration).
    >> Bachelor- and Master-Level
    As a general rule, Master level exchange students can choose from all offered courses (Business, Economics, Information Systems). For Bachelor level exchange students, on the other hand, not all Master level courses are open: for a list please see below in section "Course Offerings". Exceptions may apply if are able to certify extensive prior knowledge in one specific field.
    >> Course Load
    The usual course load for one semester comprises 30 ECTS [ >> What are ECTS? ]. Provided the home university approves of the Learning Agreement/ Study Plan and in consideration of grant agreements, SBE allows every exchange student to fulfill as many ECTS as wanted: There is no limit nor minimum.
    >> Scheduling and overlapping courses
    For the majority of lectures and tutorials at SBE, there is no mandatory attendance. Language courses at the language center, seminars and most Business Skills, however, do have the obligation to attend. Please check the Online Course Catalogue for the particular course. Regardless of mandatory attendance or not, our experience has shown that actual attendance and the passing of a course do have a positive correlation, meaning that students attending a class have a higher probability to pass. On these grounds, it is advisable to not choose overlapping courses in the study plan.
    >> Cum tempore
    If not noted otherwise, courses always start cum tempore, which is Latin and stands for 15 minutes later. For example, if a lecture is scheduled from 14-16 o'clock, the lecture will actually start at 14:15 o'clock and end at 15:45 o'clock (15 minutes earlier). That is why there will always be 30 minutes between two lectures.
  • Course Types

    Bachelor- and Master-level courses
    The University of Münster School of Business & Economics (SBE) offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. The Bachelor’s degree courses are concerned with imparting fundamental knowledge in the first two years of study; the third year of study provides options to specialise in the various fields of business, economics and informatics, e.g. in accounting, finance, management, marketing, business cooperations, energy management and many more. Graduate students complete a Master’s degree in one of those areas of specialisation. International exchange students can basically choose from all of the offered courses. Master students may choose from courses of both graduate and undergraduate level. Bachelor students can take all Bachelor courses and also have the possibility to choose from a limited amount of Master courses - depending on their current level of study.

    Lectures and Tutorials
    Lectures are commonly held by a professor and are aimed at laying a profound theoretical foundation. Lectures are accompanied by Exercises / Practices / Tutorials / "Übungen". There is NO registration for either Lectures or Tutorials and attendance is NOT compulsory. However, during the semester, a registration for the exam will be necessary in order for you to participate in the exam itself. Schedules containing times and places are kept up-to-date in our digital course catalogue - in German called "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" ("VVZ"):  please click here. Courses are usually held throughout the whole semester (= regular courses). Some courses, however, are only held in either Term I or Term II of the respective semester. Exams for Term I courses will be written in the middle of the semester, whereas Term II exams will take place during the regular exam period.

    Seminars and Business Skills
    Seminars and Business Skills are usually smaller work groups in which you are expected to actively participate. Seminars normally consist of presentations, group work and a written paper. A registration/application is always required. Please note that those courses, due to the limited number of places available, are often booked out even before the semester starts and that some seminars cannot admit exchange students as the places available need to be given to students who will graduate from WWU. You will get all important information on offerings and deadlines before your stay.

    Term I and Term II courses
    Each semester consists of two periods, Term I and Term II, so we differentiate between courses taking place during the whole semester (=regular courses), and courses in either Term I or Term II.

    Language Courses @SBE and @WWU
    The vast majority of language courses is organized by our university's language center (see below). Additionally, SBE offers language courses.  However, those are partly held in German and therefore require a German level of B2 according to CEFR.

    Other courses at WWU
    The University of Münser (WWU) offers a wide range of subjects, from archaelogy to zoology. If you are interested in taking such courses, please contact the respective exchange coordinator of your faculty of choice. All administrative matters of registration, exams and transcripts then follows the rules of the respective faculty. This means, that after completing a WWU-cours, you will need to ask for a certificate that states your grade. The certificate needs to be sent to Martin Schmidt via e-mail.

  • Language Courses @WWU

    Language courses do not take place at the School of Business and Economics, but at the university's language center. Up-to-date information can be found on the  language center's own website. ERASMUS students will get the opportunity to take a German intensive course that is scheduled 2 weeks before the start of each semester. Registration usually starts two months before the start of each semester.



  • Registration for Courses and Exams

    ... Term I Courses, Seminars & Business Skills                                                         ...... NOV 04, 2019
    ... Regular Courses, Term II Courses                                                                             ......  DEC  17, 2019 
    via MAIL
    - from your  address
    - to  including
            - Name
            - Matriculation Number
            - Course and exam titles
    >> General rule
    For the majority of SBE courses, no course enrollment is required/ possible. Instead, students must register for the final examination. Those registrations periods will start after the beginning of the semester and are communicated in due time before. However, some courses do require a prior application or registration in order to participate. Those include all Seminars, Business Skills courses, Courses containing group work activities, as well as all Language Courses at the university's language center. Importantly, all courses require a registration at the examination office (see above, via e-mail and before the registration deadline).
    >> Lectures and Tutorials:
    At our School, you do not register for the attendance at either Lecture or Tutorial, but for the participation in the exam itself. Registration for the regular economics and business courses will take place after the start of courses, so you do not need to worry about it beforehand.
    >> Seminars and Business Skills:
    The registration/ application procedures for seminars and some business skills courses differ widely as only a limited number of students is accepted to participate: You will have to register/ apply before the start of the semester directly at the Chair's website. Moreover, a registration at the examination office (see above, via e-mail) is always necessary. Business Skills Courses are listed here.    
  • Exam Schedules

    Times and places of most exams are published even before the start of the semester by the examination office (click here) and on the website PAMBOT.

  • Transcript of Records

    Please note: No Transcript of Records (ToR) will be sent to your home university automatically. Results will be published until the end of March at the latest. However, the usual correction period is 6 weeks.

    SBE Courses
    All grades from SBE courses will be published on the website "Flexnow" and eventually, students can print out a valid Transcript of Records (ToR) on their own. To log-in, please use your matriculation number and the password you received per e-mail in October. Please follow the instructions in the link in order to see your grades and generate/ print the ToR. The ToR will be valid without a signature due to a validation link and password.

    Language Courses at Language Center
    After completion you will receive a certificate from your teacher. Please send the scanned certificate to the Examination office ( and the results will be published on Flexnow as well.

    Courses at other Departments (e.g. law, psychology, sports)
    After completion of the course, ask for a certificate stating the ECTS-credits and grade. The course certificate templace, "Scheinvorlage [de]", can be downloaded on the website of the International Office. Then, ask the lecturer to kindly send a scanned version to "" (not done automatically) or send it to me yourself. The results will not appear on Flexnow, instead, you will receive another version of ToR by e-mail after all your SBE- and language courses' results have been published. For this ToR, please contact me and I will send you an up-to-date ToR containing all courses and gradings.



  • Common Terms and Abbreviations

    • WWU
      Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster = University of Münster
    • VVZ
      Vorlesungsverzeichnis = Online Course Overview
    • TOR
      Transcript of Records = Leistungsübersicht
    • SS19 / WS1920
      Summer Semester 2019 / Winter Semester 2019/2020
    • SBE
      School of Business and Economics
    • PAM
      Prüfungsamt = Examination Office
    • LA
      Learning Agreement
    • IRC
      International Relations Center of the School of Business and Economics
      = Martin Schmidt as your Incoming Coordinator
    • IO
      International Office > nearby the Castle/ Schloss
    • ENG / DEU
      English / Deutsch
    • ECTS
      European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System
      1 ECTS credit point = between 25-30 of working hours