Transcript of Records (ToR)

The Transcript of Records (ToR / TOR) - in German "Leistungsübersicht" - provides an up-to-date overview of students’ academic achievements. Find more information on the website of the European Commission.


General Information

       SBE Courses
       Language Courses
       University of Münster Courses

Originalfoto: ©Winfried Michels


General Information:
  • No Transcript of Records (ToR) will be sent to the home university automatically.
    >>>   The valid ToR can be generated by each student via the website FLEXNOW.
  • Results will be published by the end of the semester (MAR / SEP) at the latest.
  • The usual correction period comprises 6 weeks.


  • SBE Courses




    • all grades from SBE courses will be published 

    • Eventually, students can print out a valid Transcript of Records (ToR) on their own.
      The ToR will be valid without a signature due to a validation link and password.


  • Language Courses

    Language Courses at Language Center

    After completion, students need to ask for a certificate from the teacher (usually, not done automatically).

    Please send the scanned certificate to the examination office (; the results will also be published on Flexnow.

  • University of Münster Courses

    Courses at other Departments of the University of Münster (e.g. law, psychology, sports)

    After completion of the course, students need to ask for a signed certificate, stating the ECTS-credits and grade. The course certificate templace, "Scheinvorlage [de]", can be downloaded on the website of the International Office. Then, ask the lecturer to kindly send a scanned version to  (not done automatically) or send it to me yourself. The results will not appear on Flexnow, instead, you will receive another version of ToR by e-mail after all your SBE- and language courses' results have been published. For this ToR, please contact me and I will send you an up-to-date ToR containing all courses and gradings.