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    >>>   Important Sources:_________________________________________________________________________
    Information on contents, knowledge requirements as well as time and place of the respective course are to be found here:
          COURSE DESCRIPTIONS                    (Course Contents)
          WWU Online Course Catalogue       (Up-to-date Schedules; Offerings) 
          Timetable Overview 
          Chairs' websites         
    >>>   Study Plan / Learning Agreement:_____________________________________________________________

            Setting up the Study Plan / Learning Agreement    (redirection)

    >>>   Up-to-Dateness____________________________________________________________________________
    Definite course offerings will be available approximately six weeks before the start of the semester. As we do not expect major changes, the course offerings and descriptions of the current and previous semester will serve as a good basis for preparing the personal study plan.
    >>>   Schematic overview of our semester structure:__________________________________________________
               Full Academic Calendar & Structure (Redirection)





  • Language Courses at WWU Language Center

      Language courses do not take place at the School of Business and Economics, but at the University's own language center

      ERASMUS students will have the opportunity to take a German intensive course that is scheduled approximately 2 weeks before the start of each semester.Further information will be provided by our University's International Office after the application period.

      SBE does not oversee the availability and access requirements of those courses but students can include language courses in the LA.

      Additionally, SBE offers certain language courses in Business English and Business French. However, those are partly held in German and therefore require a German level of B2 according to CEFR.



    • Other Courses at WWU

      The University of Münser (WWU) offers a wide range of subjects, from archaelogy to zoology. If you are interested in taking such courses, please contact the respective exchange coordinator of your faculty of choice.

      All administrative matters of registration, examinations and transcripts then follows the rules of the respective faculty. This means, that after completing a WWU-course, each student needs to ask for a certificate that states all essential information (grade, ECTS; ). The certificate needs to be sent to Martin Schmidt via e-mail.



    • Study Plan