Current information on the coronavirus (update 7 June 2021)

Dear students,

In recent weeks, the incidence rate of COVID-19 in Münster and the surrounding area, as well as nationwide, has decreased significantly. As a result, a new general disposition from the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs (MAGS) has recently come into force. This offers us limited  possibilities of holding on-site lectures under certain conditions.

On-site lectures for first-year students as well as for students who are about to complete their studies later this term may be offered in the second half of the semester. However, on-site courses are only to be held under strict conditions and are limited to a maximum number of 50 participants. Taking into account the course sizes at our school - especially in the first and second semester - opportunities to return to the lecture halls are only possible to a very limited extent. On-site lectures for students who do not belong to the above groups cannot be offered at the moment.

For the aforementioned groups, we are currently examining the practicability of on-site lectures. However, in accordance with the corresponding decision of the rectorate, all courses that have started digitally this semester will also be completed digitally. Accordingly, possible on-site formats will in any case be designed as hybrid events, so that you will always have the choice of attending an event in person or using a digital alternative.

As announced earlier, exams will be offered exclusively in digital form in the summer semester 2021. You will receive up-to-date information on the examination formats from the lecturers as well as on the website of the Examination Office.

I would be very grateful if, in the spirit of our motto "We SBE", we could also get together through what may already be the final weeks of major restrictions.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Gottfried Vossen

Dean of the School of Business and Economics

Please also refer to the special information for students, staff and lecturers on the central information page of the University of Münster to keep up to date with the latest planning!