Current information on the coronavirus (update 6 April 2022)

In accordance with the applicable legal framework and the NRW Coronavirus Epidemic Higher Education Regulations (CEHVO) courses and examinations at the University of Münster will generally be held on site again in the summer semester 2022. 3G and 2G checks are no longer legally required for participation in in-person courses and examinations. At the beginning of the semester, the School of Business and Economics will provide students with a comprehensive online offer to complement on-site courses, so that students can initially decide whether they want to take advantage of the on-site courses. This offer is initially valid until 25 April. However, since we have to react to current circumstances, there may be changes in the course of the semester with regard to course formats. We therefore ask students to inform themselves about the course modalities in the HIS-LSF and in the Learnweb.

At the beginning of the summer semester, the WWU service facilities for teachers, students and researchers will be fully reopened for normal operations (incl. on-site consultation hours, etc.). Research and service operations at the WWU take place in full and without restrictions.

We hope to be able to restore personal contact among students and between students and lecturers as far as possible in the summer semester. However, in view of the still tense infection situation and the danger of an increase in the number of infections, we ask all SBE members to continue to take care of their own health as well as that of their fellow human beings.

We strongly urge you to continue wearing medical face masks in all University buildings, at your workplace and wherever people congregate together, which includes all courses and examination situations. We firmly believe that face masks play an important role in protecting each other from infection. At the same time, we wish to show solidarity with those whose health and well-being depends on everyone’s mindful interaction in society.

We would like to continue to call for vaccination offers to be accepted in order to effectively counter the virus. Further information - regardless of whether it is an initial or booster vaccination - can be found here.

For more information on teaching and learning at the University of Münster in the winter semester 21/22, please visit the website of the University of Münster.