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Winfried Michels



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    Incoming Website




    • Structure and Overview of Exchange
    • Course Offerings




    Online Course Catalogue


    Schedules (Times & Places)

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    Course Material



    UoM-ID + password

    For specific course: password (in most cases handed out at first lecture)



    Official e-mail address at the University of Münster


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    SBE Examination Office


    • Check Course Registration
    • See Grades
    • Generate Transcript of Records


    • Find exam schedules (times      and places)


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  • Online Course Catalogue                  

              Prime purpose                                                                  Link
    The Online Course Catalogue (OCC) - in German "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (VVZ) - is a University-wide website displaying up-to-date courses & schedules for one particular semester. For regular students, the OCC lists all necessary courses according to standard study plans. For exchange students, however, the website is primarily important for showing up-to-date schedules (times & location).
    • English language
      Switch to English by clicking on the English flag at the right top of the screen:
    • Schedules

    This is a Term I course as it takes place from only OCT - DEC.
    The course  takes place every Tuesday (Start OCT 12) from 14-16 in Room F2, every Thursday (starting Oct 14) in Room H2 and so on …  


    You can also export the dates by clicking on the link next to the schedules, or use the website's own calendar tool:



    You can also use the website's own calendar function: Tick "preselect" below the schedules, and click on the button "Schedule preselected", as shown in this:


    You are then shown  the course in the website's calendar.


    • Room/ Location
                UoM Campus Map 

    F 1, F 2, F 3, F4, F 040


    Domplatz 20-22 (Fürstenberghaus)

    H 1, H 2, H 3, H 4


    Schlossplatz 46

    J 1, J 2, J 3, J 4 ...

    Universitätsstraße 14-16 (Oeconimucum/Juridicum)

    J 372, J 490, J 498


    Universitätsstraße 14-16 (Oeconimucum/Juridicum)

    Leo 1,

    Leo 1.8,

    Leo 11.3,

    Leo 18.3





    Einsteinstraße 64

    SCH 1 ...

    Scharnhorstraße 100

    (Aula am Aasee)

    SCH 109.6


    Scharnhorststraße 109

    STA 1, STA 2 ...

    Am Stadtgraben 9 (CAWM)

    ULB 202 ...

    Krummer Timpen 3

















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