Lecture Bachelor: Strategy Science - Corporate Strategy and Sustainability


! The exam will be held on 26.07.2023 at 09:00 am (final PAM confirmation pending) !

Strategy Science - Corporate Strategy and Sustainability will take place in the second term of SoSe 2023. The second term runs from 22.05.2023 to 14.07.2023 (duration: 8 weeks). This course was originally called Strategy Science and at the current time can only be found under this name in the module handbook and similar documents.


Mondays 10 am - 1 pm, room H1, Schlossplatz 46.

Thursdays 10-12 a.m., room F1, Fürstenberghaus Domplatz 20-22


Fridays 8-10 a.m., room Schlossplatz 46 - H 1 (Exception: 06/30/2023 will take place in the Aula am Aasee).

The course will take place in SoSe 2023 - the registration is done via Learnweb (not yet available). A separate registration via our chair or similar is not necessary. The exam will take place in the regular exam period (July/August 2023).

BWL Bachelor: This course is a compulsory subject - only selectable under the new PO.

VWL Bachelor: This course is an optional subject - only selectable under new PO.

If you want to change to the new examination regulations, you can do this until 24.04.2023.

Language  Englisch
Credit points 6
Course overview & content

This module provides an introduction to the topic of sustainability in business. Students will learn how to embed sustainability aspects into corporate strategy and how to create and critically evaluate sustainability reports.

Learning content includes:

  • Fundamentals of corporate strategy
  • Elaboration of sustainability in a strategic context
  • Measurement and comparability between companies
  • Sustainability communication to stakeholders - in both private sector and institutional contexts
  • Insights into ESG regulation as well as identification of greenwashing
Professional skills

The students

  • develop a deep understanding of the different aspects of sustainability in a business context
  • understand how to measure with sustainability and the challenges involved
  • learn how to create a carbon footprint
  • learn about the most important regulatory frameworks with regard to sustainability
Examination Written exam, written work, practical exercise.
Attendance Attendance is strongly recommended to enhance learning.

Julia Katharina Hennes

Florent Erbar