Seminar Unternehmensführung

Winter Term 2022/2023


10.10.2022, 08:00-12:00 - Seminarraum 02 und 04, Schlossplatz 3

02.02.2023, 08:00-20:00 - Senatssaal, Schloss

03.02.2022. 08:00-20:00 - Room F 3, Fürstenberghaus




Credits/ECTS Points


Ansprechpartner Ann-Katrin Eicke, Alexander Viets

The students work on a current question from the area of "corporate management" within the scope of a written paper in groups. The results are presented and defended in the plenum. Therefore, students organize themselves to discuss and exchange their research results. The topics are selected from the field of corporate management and address current business problems and phenomena. Recent research results are thus integrated into the curriculum and extensively discussed. The students' own empirical and theoretical analyses as well as the inclusion of international aspects will be consistently promoted. The superior objective is to combine theoretical concepts with practice-oriented applications and to establish a basis for independent scientific work.

Learning Outcome

The students are enabled to prepare a scientific elaboration within a group and to defend it within the setting of a critical scientific discussion. Depending on the research question, the students use qualitative-analytical or formal-methodical instruments. In addition, the students master the key competences relevant in this context, with particular emphasis on communication and rhetoric skills.


Preparation of the seminar paper (approx. 40 pages including references and appendix) as well as presentation, defence and discussion of the seminar paper.


Presence is obligatory.

Formal Specifications

Information on the content and form of the seminar paper can be found  here.


The seminar can be credited to both CfM11 and CfM12.