International Human Resource Management

Wintersemester 2020/2021


2020-11-11, 08:30-12:00
2020-11-25, 08:30-12:00
2020-12-09, 08:30-12:00
2021-01-13, 08:30-12:00
2021-01-20, 08:30-12:00
2021-01-27, 08:30-12:00

The lectures will take place online, with a blend of synchronous and asynchronous formats. Students will deliver their presentations virtually.


Credits/ECTS points 6
Language English

The course „International Human Resource Management“ will examine how firms can effectively manage human resources in the global business environment. The course will address firm-level strategies and models for managing human resources, implementing global concepts such as talent management and employee engagement across a global workforce, and differences across countries in specific human resource management practices.

Course description

Learning outcome

Describe the primary types of international human resource strategies and HR practices associated with each.
Identify differences among cultures and how national culture affects human resource management practices.
Compare German employment and labor law to such laws in other countries, identitying similarities and differences.
Describe the purpose of using expatriates as part of a global HR system and identify appropriate techniques for selecting, training, compensating, and repatriating these managers.
Identify challenges and potential solutions for effectively working with a global, virtual team.
Evaluate scientific evidence and practical examples related to various international HR strategies and tactics.

Test Seminar thesis and presentation
Contact person Sandra Fisher

Students who would like to attend have to fill out this online-application. Besides this application an additional registration at the Examination Office is mandatory.
Deadline: November 13, 2020